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[ecrea] Palabra Clave Journal - new issue

Thu Oct 11 18:24:31 GMT 2018

The Scientific Journal Palabra Clave has published its latest issue. Palabra Clave is a Colombian free access publication in an Open Journal System (OJS) platform. It is edited by the La Sabana University in Chia, Colombia, and it is indexed in: Scopus (Q2), ISI Scielo Citation Index, and other scientific data bases. It is a channel for circulating new knowledge born out of research, and thinking on issues that deal with communication and how it relates to society. We publish in Spanish, English and Portuguese and translate to these languages the title, abstract and keywords.

You can access the current issue at:

Table of contents:

Editorial - Xenophobia and Journalism: Colombia and the Venezuelan Migration [Spanish]:

Connective Ecologies: Digital Animism, Computerized Ecology, and Matter in a Network [English]:

Commodification and Digital Political Participation: The “15-M Movement” and the Collectivization of the Internet [English]:

It’s Morning in America: Invasion of the Body Snatchers as a Portrait of a Society [Spanish]:

Work Key: A Theoretical-Technological Path to Organize the Hidden Components of Communication [English]:

Word-of-Mouth Communication as a Consequence of Relationship Quality in Online Environments [English]:

When Reason Does Not Explain Everything: A Transnational Look at Communicative Action by Citizens in Contexts of Armed Conflict or Violence [Spanish]:

Ethical Challenges of Journalism in the Era of Big Data: An Analysis of Latin American Deontological Codes [Spanish]:

Dialogism and Appropriationist Practices in Contemporary Video Art [Spanish]:

Elements of Visual Studies: A Critical Analysis of Scopic Regimes Seen from the Standpoint of Visual Essentialism [Spanish]:

How the Newspapers /El País/, /Le Monde/, /Le Soir/and /The New York Times/Treated Information on the Genocide in Rwanda in 1994 [Spanish]:

We hope you find this new issue interesting.

Special thanks to all authors, evaluators, and staff.

Sergio Roncallo Dow (Editor)

e-mail: palabra.clave /at/

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