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[ecrea] new book "Communication in International Development: Doing Good or Looking Good?"

Mon Oct 08 19:04:54 GMT 2018

new book "Communication in International Development: Doing Good or Looking Good?" (read online) by Flor Enghel & Jessica Noske-Turner

We are pleased to announce that the newly published book/////__//_Communication in International Development: Doing Good or Looking Good_/<>////////(Routledge)can be read online for free until October 22 via the ReadCube eReader platform at:___

International development stakeholders harness communication with two outstanding purposes: to///////do good/, via communication for development and media assistance, and to///////communicate do-gooding/, via public relations. This newly published collection///////,/edited by Florencia Enghel and Jessica Noske-Turner,unpacks the ways in which different efforts to do good via communication are combined with attempts to look good in the eyes of donor constituencies at large, or among specific audiences, such as journalists or policy makers. With contributions fromMel Bunce, Peter da Costa, Lauren Kogen, Vinod Pavarala, Wendy Quarry, Ricardo Ramirez, Martin Scott, Jo Tacchi, Silvio Waisbord, Karin Gwinn Wilkins, Ben Wilson, Kate Wright and the editors,the bookinterrogates the tensions generated when uses of communication to do good and to look good overlap within international development cooperation (see the Table of Contents below)

If you’d like to purchase an ebook or paperback version, obtain a 20% discount by entering the code FLR40 at checkout at___


*******Table of Contents*


Introduction: Communication in international development:

towards theorizing across hybrid practices

/////Florencia Enghel & Jessica Noske-Turner /

PART 1: "For" and "about": Interrogating practices across domains


1.A ‘success story’ unpacked: doing good and communicating do-gooding in The Videoletters Project

///////Florencia Enghel/////////

2. 'Doing good’ and ‘looking good’ in global humanitarian reporting: Is philanthro-journalism good news?////////

/Martin Scott, Kate Wright, Mel Bounce /


****3**. Shifting development discourses in public and in private: The case of the Scotland-Malawi partnership**

**///////Ben Wilson/*////////*


Communication about development and the challenge of doing well: Donor branding in the West Bank

///////Karin Wilkins /

PART 2: What next? Rethinking conventional approaches



Becoming visible: an institutional histories approach to understanding practices and tensions in communication for development////////

/Jessica Noske-Turner, Jo Tacchi, Vinod Pavarala /



For celebrity communication about development to do good: Reframing purpose and discourses

///////Lauren Kogen /


Communication and evaluation: Can a decision-making hybrid reframe an age-old dichotomy?

///////Ricardo Ramirez & Wendy Quarry /



Communicating development results in an emerging “post-aid” era

///////Peter da Costa/********

Epilogue:What’s bad about “looking good”? Can it be done better?

/////Silvio Waisbord/

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