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[ecrea] New Issue: Explorations in Media Ecology, Volume 17, Issue 3

Wed Oct 03 05:29:55 GMT 2018

Explorations in Media Ecology, Volume 17, Issue 3 is now available online at:,id=3615/

Explorations in Media Ecology (EME), a peer-reviewed, international and interdisciplinary journal, was founded in 2002 as the journal of the Media Ecology Association. The journal publishes scholarly articles, essays, research reports, commentaries, and critical examinations that extend our understanding of media (defined in the broadest possible terms), that apply media ecological approaches, and/or that advance media ecology as a field of inquiry. The journal includes also special sections devoted to pedagogy, probes, poetry, forums, and reviews.

The founding editors of the journal were Judith Yaross Lee and Lance Strate. Past editors include Corey Anton and Paul Grosswiler, and the current editor is Lance Strate.

You can keep up to date with the journal by clicking  here,id=214/view,page=4/, and can learn more about the title at its website page here,id=214/view,page=0/

Current issue 17(3) contents:

Lance Strate, Journal-ism

Lance Strate, "Media and protest:  Technological change and cultural

Paul Soukup, "Ideas and built environments"

Corey Anton, "The roots of contemporary ahistoricism in US culture"

1.    Emanuela Patti, Digital culture studies: National and transnational
perspectives in Modern Languages
2.    Claire Taylor, The digital future of Modern Languages? Digital
culture and re-thinking Modern Languages
3.    Erika Fülöp, Digital cultures: A view from French studies and
4.    Massimo Riva, The past at our fingertips: Some remarks on virtual
realism and the historical heritage

Maria Damon, The ceramic age: For Alan Read and other visual x-stittch poems

1.    Understanding the human condition in the computational age/ (review
essay on Sherry Turkle) by Anat Ringel Raveh
2.    Drugs & Media: New Perspectives on Communication, Consumption, and
Consciousness, Robert C. MacDougall (Ed.), 2011, reviewed by Brett Lunceford
3.    Naked Politics: Nudity, Political Action, and the Rhetoric of the
Body, Brett Lunceford, 2012, reviewed by Valerie V. Peterson
4.    Glittering Images: A Journey Through Art From Egypt to ‘Star Wars,’
Camille Paglia, 2012,  reviewed by Roxanne O’Connell
5.    On Reflection: An essay on technology, education, and the status of
thought in the twenty-first century, Ellen Rose, 2013, reviewed by Cathy
6.    Emergence and empire: Innis, complexity, and the trajectory of
history by John  Bonnett, 2013, reviewed by Lance Strate
7.    The digital evolution of an American identity, C. Waite, 2013,
reviewed by Gerald J. Erion
8.    Human as media: The emancipation of authorship, Andrey
Miroshnichenko, 2013, reviewed by Robert K. Blechman
9.    Appletopia: Media technology and the religious imagination of Steve
Jobs, Brett T. Robinson, 2013, reviewed by Michael A. Russo
10. Marshall McLuhan and Northrop Frye: Apocalypse and alchemy, B. W. Powe,
2014, and Decoding dust, B. W. Powe, 2016, reviewed by Jerry Harp
11. A continuing education guide to teaching general semantics, Martin  H.
Levinson, 2014, reviewed by Karen Lollar
12. The reader in the book: A study of spaces and traces, Stephen  Orgel,
2015, reviewed by Peter Fallon
13. The new science of communication:  Reconsidering McLuhan’s message for
our modern moment, Anthony M. Wachs, 2015, reviewed by Paul Lippert
14. Human replay: A theory of the evolution of media, by Paul Levinson,
2017, reviewed by Bob Mann
15. Wasting time on the Internet, Kenneth Goldsmith, 2016, reviewed by
Jerry Harp
16.Mapping media ecology: Introduction to the field, Dennis D. Cali, 2017,
reviewed by Paul A. Soukup
17. Media ecology: An approach to understanding the human condition, Lance
Strate, 2017, reviewed by Ed Tywoniak

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