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[ecrea] Human Technology May 2017 Issue Published

Fri Jun 02 14:39:30 GMT 2017

Human Technology May 2017 Issue Published

This first issue in our 13^th volume is a thematic issue, titled Human–Technology Choreographies: Body, Movement, and Space in Expressive Interactions. The issue is the second of two with papers that explore the impact of the instrumental value, specifically movement, of and on design and use of technological artifacts. (The first thematic issue was published in May 2016, Volume 12, Issue 1.) Both issues have been guided by guest editors Antti Pirhonen, Department of Teacher Education, University of Jyväskylä, Finland; Kai Tuuri, Department of Music, Art, and Cultural Studies, University of Jyväskylä, Finland; and Cumhur Erkut, Department of Architecture, Design, & Media Technology, Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark. The papers in this second issue explore movement that humans create and experience during embodied interaction with technologies. You can access the issue at

From the Editors: /External Assessors as “Reviewers” for Quality Assurance of Open Access Journals/, Pertti Hurme and Barbara J. Crawford

Guest Editors’ Introduction: /Human–Technology Choreographies: Body, Movement, and Space in Expressive Interactions/, Antti Pirhonen, Kai Tuuri, & Cumhur Erkut

/Technology Choreography: Studying Interactions in Microsoft’s Future Visions Through Dance, /Olli Poutanen, Salu Ylirisku, & Petri Hoppu

/Body, Space, and Emotion: A Perceptual Study, /Donald Glowinski, Sélim Yahia Coll, Naëm Baron, Maëva Sanchez, Simon Schaerlaeken, & Didier Grandjean

/Musical Instruments, Body Movement, Space, and Motion Data: Music as an Emergent Multimodal Choreography, /Federico Visi, Esther Coorevits, Rodrigo Schramm, & Eduardo Reck Miranda

/Bodily Interactions in Motion-Based Music Applications, /Marcella Mandanici, Antonio Rodà, & Sergio Canazza

/Designing a Computer Model of Drumming: The Biomechanics of Percussive Performance, /John R. Taylor

Book Review:**/Public Access ICT Across Cultures: Diversifying Participation in the Network Society, /Francisco J. Proenza (Ed.)*, *reviewed by Sakari Taipale

Human Technology is a peer-reviewed open access journal recently accepted to Scopus. More info:

Dr. Pertti Hurme, Editor in Chief, /Human Technology/

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