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[ecrea] SERIES - new journal announcement

Fri Jun 12 07:38:55 GMT 2015

SERIES - International Journal of TV Serial Narratives <>

Volume 1, Issue 1

This journal has been created with two main purposes: first, to respond
to the surge of scholarly interest in TV series in the past few years,
and compensate for the lack of international journals specializing in TV
seriality; and second, to focus on TV seriality through the involvement
of scholars and readers from both the English-speaking world and the
Mediterranean and Latin American regions.This is the reason why the
journal’s official languages will be Italian, Spanish and English.
SERIES is an open access and peer reviewed journal, with ISSN and
indexed in major international databases. SERIES will publish 2 issues
per year.
This is a joint project by members of the Universitat Politècnica de
València (Escola Politècnica Superior de Gandia/DCADHA) and the
Università di Bologna.

EDITORS: Veronica Innocenti, Héctor J. Pérez and Guglielmo Pescatore.

Table of contents

* Editorial
* Ivan Abarca Torres, Too Close for Comfort: the Political Telenovela El
Candidato and the 2000 Mexican Presidential Election
* Elliott Logan, How Do We Write about Performance in Serial Television?
* Mikhail L. Skoptsov, Prophetic Visions, Quality Serials: Twin Peaks’
new mode of storytelling
* Lucia Tralli, “Come together”: a fanvid insight on Buffy the Vampire
Slayer and fandom
* Luca Barra and Massimo Scaglioni, Saints, Cops and Camorristi.
Editorial Policies and Production Models of Italian TV Fiction
* Marta Boni, Mapping Romanzo Criminale. An Epic Narrative Ecosystem?
* Marta Martina and Attilio Palmieri, Researching Television Serial
Narratives in Italy: an Overview
* Ana Piles Giménez, Historia y ficción a partir de Amar en tiempos
revueltos. Entrevista a Rodolf Sirera

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