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[ecrea] New book out on local journalism

Thu Jun 04 15:21:27 GMT 2015

New book out about local journalism. First chapter available for free
download via the link below:

"Local Journalism: the decline of newspapers and the rise of digital
media" (I. B . Tauris, London, 2015)

Edited by: Rasmus Kleis

For more than a century, local journalism has been taken almost for
granted. But the twenty-first century has brought major challenges. The
newspaper industry that has historically provided most local coverage is
in decline and it is not yet clear whether digital media will sustain
new forms of local journalism.

This book provides an international overview of the challenges facing
changing forms of local journalism today. It identifies the central role
that diminished newspapers still play in local media ecosystems,
analyses relations between local journalists and politicians, government
officials, community activists and ordinary citizens, and examines the
uneven rise of new forms of digital local journalism. Together, the
chapters present a multi-faceted portrait of the precarious present and
uncertain future of local journalism in the Western world.

“This is a detailed, research-based and comparative account of
developments in local news and journalism at a time of structural change
and transition in local news ecosystems. It reasserts the significance
of local news and journalism for local communities and their economic,
political, social and cultural life and sets a benchmark for future
studies of local news and journalism during a period of change and

Bob Franklin, Professor of Journalism Studies, Cardiff University

“Journalism is changing, nowhere more rapidly than in locally produced
news.  This book provides an on-the-ground glimpse of these changes as
they are taking place across Europe, the UK, and the United States.  An
invaluable snapshot of a fast-moving process…and an important touchstone
for research yet to be done!”

David Ryfe, Director of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication
at the University of Iowa

Table of contents

1.            The Uncertain Future of Local Journalism (Rasmus Kleis

PART I - Local media ecosystems

2.            The News Crisis Compared: The Impact of the Journalism
Crisis on Local News Ecosystems in Toulouse, France and Seattle, USA
(Matthew Powers, Sandra Vera Zambrano, and Olivier Baisnée)

3.            Local newspapers as keystone media: the increased
importance of diminished newspapers for local political information
environments (Rasmus Kleis Nielsen)

4.            How News Travels: A Comparative Study of Local Media
Ecosystems in Leeds (UK) and Philadelphia (US) (C.W. Anderson, Stephen
Coleman, and Nancy Thumim)

PART II – Local journalism and its interlocutors

5.            The plurality of journalistic identities in local
controversies (Florence Le Cam and David Domingo)

6.            Rethinking local communicative spaces: reflecting on the
implications of digital media and citizen journalism for the role of
local journalism in engaging citizens in local democracies (Julie
Firmstone and Stephen Coleman)

7.            Perceived relevance of and trust in local media (Bengt Engan)

PART III - New forms of local media

8.            Between journalistic diversity and economic constraints:
local pure players in Southern France (Nikos Smyrnaios, Emmanuel Marty,
and Franck Bousquet)

9.            Hyperlocal with a Mission? Motivation, strategy,
engagement (Marco van Kerkhoven and Piet Bakker)

10.          Filling the News Hole? UK community news and the crisis in
local journalism (Andy Williams, Dave Harte, and Jerome Turner)

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