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[ecrea] new book series: “PERFORM: Succeeding as a Creative Professional”

Fri May 08 13:00:26 GMT 2015

A new book series: “PERFORM: Succeeding as a Creative Professional”

To be published by Focal Press, an imprint of Taylor & Francis

Series editor, Anna Weinstein, Auburn University

This new series will serve as supplemental text for undergraduate and
graduate students that professors across disciplines in the arts can use
to accompany their primary textbooks. The books will have a
conversational tone and will serve as career development to help
students understand how to navigate the industry and vocational
possibilities in their field. Specifically, this series will address
/business/ as opposed to /craft/ and will offer insights into the
day-to-day realities of the professions as well as long-term planning
strategies to build and sustain a career in the arts.

This call for essays and interviews is for the first three books in the

• /Directing for the Screen/

• /Writing for the Screen/

• /Acting for the Stage/

Each book will have 30 contributors, approximately 15 essays and 15
interviews. Essays and interviews will be 3,000 words. Books will have
five chapters with the following titles: "Getting Started"; "Sticking It
Out"; "Finding Success"; "Getting Ahead"; and "Starting Again."
First-person narratives, magazine style articles, informational
lectures, research summaries, and interviews with high-profile artists
and industry professionals are welcome as long as the primary context of
the submission fits within one of the five chapter titles listed above.

Appropriate contributors and interviewees for these first three books

• Theater and film artists (actors, writers, directors)

• Theater and film scholars

• Journalists covering the arts, media, and popular culture

• Professors of stage acting, film directing, and screenwriting

• Conservatory instructors

• Private acting and voice coaches

• Private screenwriting and story consultants

• Career counselors specializing in the arts

• Therapists or psychologists who work with actors, screenwriters, and

• Studio and production company executives

• Comedians and sketch comedy performers

• Casting directors

• Television, film, and theater directors, writers, and producers

• Documentarians

• Showrunners

• TV & film editors and DPs

• Theater company managers

• Off-Broadway and Broadway performers

• Regional theater performers

• Theater performers who make a living in commercials or VOs

• Headshot photographers

• Performing arts publicists, agents, and managers

• Arts council/foundation directors

• Individuals who are passionate about and have a successful history
mentoring or assisting stage actors, film and television directors, and
film and television writers


Researchers, artists, practitioners, and media professionals covering
theater and film are invited to submit a 250-word proposal on or before
*June 5, 2015*. Proposals should indicate "essay" or "interview" and
should explain what the piece will cover (five to ten main points), the
name and profession of the interviewee, if relevant (and any connection
to that individual), why the contributor is suited to write and/or
interview about this topic, and any unique experience and input the
contributor or interviewee can offer readers about the subject.

Authors of accepted proposals will be notified by email by June 15,
2015 and will receive guidelines as well as the contributor agreement,
interview release, and permissions form. Full essays are due August 1,
2015, and full interviews are due September 1, 2015.

To submit a proposal by *June 5, 2015*, visit:

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