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[ecrea] new issue: Journal of Sonic Studies

Fri May 08 08:04:39 GMT 2015

We are delighted to announce the publication of the /Journal of Sonic
Studies/ special issue on /The Memory Dealer (TMD)/, an interactive
experience, created by Rik Lander, located around the city centre of
Bristol in which sound plays a crucial role
( As a new experimental, “pervasive”
drama that exploits digital and personal technologies to create
fictional narratives that are then layered onto real world spaces, /TMD/
introduces new possibilities both for storytelling and for the
positioning of the audience. As the articles in this volume bear witness
to, /TMD/ can be thought of as a new kind of “sound narrative”; what
remains the most direct experience of the drama is undoubtedly the
soundtrack. In this issue of the /Journal of Sonic Studies/ the authors
- Nanette Nielsen, Elizabeth Evans, Sarah Hibberd, Alex Kolassa, Eva
Giraud, and Rik Lander - explore and analyse the sound worlds created by
this pervasive drama, an exploration that leads to new and important
insights into the relation between narrative, pervasiveness and sound.

Furthermore, the Journal of Sonic Studies is proud to introduce a new
section on her website: book reviews. In this section we will
irregularly, but frequently, publish short and longer reviews of books
on sound and auditory culture. We have published the first reviews
already, which can be read by following this link:

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