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[ecrea] New Issue of Journal of Transnational 'Worlds of Power': Proliferation of Journalism and Professional Standard

Wed May 06 00:10:13 GMT 2015

*The Journal of Transnational 'Worlds of Power': Proliferation of
Journalism and Professional Standard*

Editor: Dr Ibrahim Saleh, University of Cape Town, South Africa*

*Â Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.*

This journal aims to foster the circulation and exchange of 'knowledges
and insights' that emerge from the intellectual work of journalism and
professional standards, as well as the linguistic and cultural diversity
in/through publication activities and to promote better connection
between scholars and practitioners, and regional academic association,
particularly in a South-North perspective, by means of information
exchange and cooperation on matters related to the circulation of
knowledge and scholarly contributions.

The current mediatisation of societies experience deeper levels,
changing power relations among key message providers, while receivers
are being rearranged; which makes the whole field of journalism research
and education culture is being transformed. It is thus very timely to
rethink the whole field of journalism that caused a new territory for
politics, though it also raises questions about the national boundaries
within which the political realm has traditionally been cast.

*Table of Contents, Inaugural Issue: Vol. 1, No. 1:
*Preface: Political Journalism Performance in the Current Worlds of Power
               Ibrahim Saleh
1. Alternative Media and Bourdieu's Field: Internal Resistance or
External Competition?Â
               Benjamin J. Anderson
2. Editorial Freedom; A Case Study of India.
                Surbhi Dahiya
3. Journalism & Framing: Supporting Ethnographic & Discursive Approach
to News.
                João Carlos Correia
4.Framing and Internet in Egypt: How "Tamarod" (Rebel) Movement Used SNS
In Mobilization?
                 Eman Mohamed Soliman, Heba Ahmed Morsy, Maha
Mohamed El-Wazir,Â
                 Sara Said Elmaghraby & Yasmine Mohamed Abu El
5. Unreliably Reliable: Application of the Intercoder Reliability
Coefficients in Content Analysis.
                  Azmat Rasul
6. Understanding Journalists’ Paths:A Study of Biographic Narratives
 From Web Journalists.
                  Fábio Henrique Pereira & Florence Le Cam
7. Poverty Pornography: Consumption of the Poor India by Western
                  Urvi Desai
8. Ninja Independent Narratives, Journalism and Action: Production
Process of the Information in An Alternative Media.Â
                 Lima Marcus Atonio A & Rafael Flores GAMA Prates.
9. Journalists’ concepts of freedom of expression and press freedom in
                  Sadia Jamil
*Editor Dr Ibrahim Saleh
<> , University of Cape Town

*Ibrahim Saleh, PhD*

University of Cape Town; Chair of Journalism Research & Education
Section, International Association for Media & Communication Research
(IAMCR) & Editor of the Journal of Transnational 'Worlds of Power’:
Proliferation of Journalism & Professional Standards & the Global Media
Journal, African Edition. Saleh is the editor of the Book
Series “Visualisation of War on Terror."

Email:Â (Ibrahim.Saleh /at/ <mailto:(Ibrahim.Saleh /at/>Â &Â
(jre09is /at/ <mailto:(jre09is /at/>Â

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