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[ecrea] Latest issue of the Journal of Advertising

Mon Dec 26 11:54:58 GMT 2011

*Journal of Advertising


*Volume 40 Number 4 Winter 2011* of Journal of Advertising is now available
on the web site at

This issue contains:
*Advertising's Unintended Consequence: Economic Growth*
Dennis A. Kopf, Ivonne M. Torres, Carl Enomoto
 *Feeling Ambivalent About Going Green: Implications for Green Advertising
Chingching Chang
 *A Taste of "Nextopia": Exploring Consumer Response to Advertising for
Future Products*
Micael Dahl=E9n, Helge Thorbj=F8rnsen, Henrik Sj=F6din
 *Managing e-mail Advertising Frequency from the Consumer Perspective*
Andrea L. Micheaux
 *Does Ad-Context Congruity Help Surfers and Information Seekers Remember
Ads in Cluttered E-magazines?*
Shabnam H. A. Zanjani, William D. Diamond, Kwong Chan
 *I See What You Don't See: The Role of Individual Differences in Field
Dependence-Independence as a Predictor of Product Placement Recall and
Brand Liking*
J=F6rg Matthes, Werner Wirth, Christian Schemer, Anna-Katerina Kissling
 *Is the Changing Status of African Americans in the B2B Buying Center
Reflected in Trade Journal Advertising?: A Six-Decade Content Analysis*
Thomas H. Stevenson, Linda E. Swayne
 *The Prevalence and Influence of the Combination of Humor and Violence in
Super Bowl Commercials*
Benjamin J. Blackford, James Gentry, Robert L. Harrison, Les Carlson
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