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[ecrea] Movie: A Journal of Film Criticism - new issue now online...

Fri Dec 23 11:26:21 GMT 2011

I am pleased to announce the publication of Issue 3 of /Movie: A Journal of Film Criticism/, which is online now <> (in our usual open-access form). The new issue features the final half of an our critical dossier on Fritz Lang, this time focusing on the director’s American work.

--- <>


Editorial board
The Fritz Lang Dossier, Part 2

Stella Bruzzi
Rush to Judgement: Imperfect Justice in /Fury/

V. F. Perkins
/You Only Live Once/

Edward Gallafent
Going Straight: The Past and the Future in /The Return of Frank James

Mark Rappaport
/The Woman in the Window

Adrian Martin
Guess-Work: /Scarlet Street/

Peter William Evans
/The Big Heat/: Acts of Violence

Deborah Thomas
/Human Desire

Peter Benson
Lang With Lacan: The Power of the Gaze in /Moonfleet/

Christian Keathley
/Bonjour Tristesse/ and the Expressive Potential of Découpage

Alex Clayton
The Texture of Performance in /Psycho/ and its Remake

John Gibbs
/The Cry of the Owl/: Investigating Decision-Making in a Contemporary Feature Film


We hope you find the issue stimulating, and wish you very happy holidays.

All the best,

James MacDowell
Editorial board, /Movie: A Journal of Film Criticism/

Address: <>
Email: (movie.journal /at/ <mailto:(movie.journal /at/>

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