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[eccr] a new book on scheduling

Wed Oct 16 09:45:11 GMT 2002

Title: a new book on scheduling

From: Taisto Hujanen <(Taisto.Hujanen /at/>
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 11:49:50 +0300

The following book is now available:

THE POWER OF SCHEDULE: Programme Management in the Transformation of Finnish Public Service Television.
By Taisto Hujanen

174 pages
Price: 21.00 EUR + mailing
Language: English
Publisher: Tampere University Press

The television schedule is a powerful cultural form. It is implied in our negotiation of television’s meanings, it implies conceptions about audience and audience relations, and it reflects and affects the political and cultural agendas of social communities and entire nations. The Power of Schedule analyses and discusses scheduling as a form of programme management which became of key strategic importance in European public broadcasters’ restructuring practices in the 1990’s. In Finnish public service television (YLE) the new programming approach was introduced in 1994 and became known as Management by Schedule. The implanting of this approach in YLE Television and the evaluation of its cultural and socio-economic consequences form the focus of this study.  The book concludes with analysis, discussion and critique of YLE’s digital strategy which hints at replacing the schedule orient ation with a much stronger emphasis on content-oriented management.

The author is Professor of Electronic Media and Communication at the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Tampere.

For purchase contact:

Bookshop TAJU
P.O. BOX 617, 33014 University of Tampere

Tel.: + 358 3 215 6055
Fax: + 358 3 215 7685
Email: (taju /at/ <>

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