Archive for calls, July 2022

July 02, 2022
[Commlist] Call for Abstracts - Video Game Studies Conference (SVI2)
[Commlist] CFP: Telecommunications revolution? Enduring problems and possible futures
[Commlist] call for book chapters: Hate speech in social media
July 03, 2022
[Commlist] Class and Contemporary UK Film and Television. Virtual Conference
[Commlist] CfP: ISA2023 - International Political Economy of Digital Platforms
[Commlist] -JERAA Conference CFP
July 04, 2022
[Commlist] CFP: Sports Media & Identity Network event
[Commlist] CFP: Feminist Encounters, Special Issue: Peripheral Visions of Alternative Futures: Feminist Techno-imaginaries
[Commlist] CFP: Fan Studies Network–North America virtual conference
July 06, 2022
[Commlist] CFP - Performance of the Real: Performing Global Crises
[Commlist] CFP - "The Evolution of Jim Henson's Puppetry" symposium
[Commlist] CFP Crime Fiction and Magic
[Commlist] CFP New Formations of Game Genres Edited Anthology
[Commlist] Call for abstracts Space and Place in Virtual Worlds
[Commlist] cfp: Gender in Media and Communications in the digital age: Post-pandemic trajectories in education, research and advocacy
[Commlist] CFP on Perspectives on Indigenous language films in the Global South
[Commlist] CfP: Volume on Theatre and Gaming
July 07, 2022
[Commlist] Live Xinema IV – Call for Contributions for the Exhibition and Demonstrations Programme
[Commlist] CFP for Small Nations Symposium 2022 – Animation Research Network Scotland
[Commlist] Call for Papers: Edited Collection: Researching Horror Fans and Audiences in the Twenty-First Century
[Commlist] The Art and Science of Visual Research (ASVR) Symposium
July 08, 2022
[Commlist] Call for Abstracts/Articles - Diffractions on DEAF CULTURE
[Commlist] CFP Edited Volume - Women and Hollywood: Tales of Inequality, Abuse and Resistance in the Dream Factory
[Commlist] Cfp: Rethinking keywords in media and cultural studies during and beyond COVID-19
[Commlist] CfA ECREA Preconference on Mediated Suffering
[Commlist] CfP: Developing Research on Media, Cities and (Digital) Space
July 11, 2022
[Commlist] CFP - Performing Global Crises
[Commlist] CfA Living Labs // Journal of Science Communication
[Commlist] 'Stars and Franchises' Edited collection call for chapters
[Commlist] Film-Philosophy Conference - online
[Commlist] CfP Essachess n° 1(31)/ 2023/Crisis Communication and Challenges of Disinformation in an Era of Information Warfare: The Ukraine War
July 13, 2022
[Commlist] Digital Ecologies in Practice 2022 conference
[Commlist] Call for Papers, NCA Preconference on “Rhetoric as Nature: Considering the Role of Cosmologies, Ecologies, and Economies in Honoring Place"
July 14, 2022
[Commlist] CFP: art/conflict
[Commlist] The (Un)bearable Lightness of Media CfP - XXIX FilmForum Film and Media Studies conference
[Commlist] CFP: Learning to Scream: A horror studies screen pedagogy symposium
July 15, 2022
[Commlist] Call for Papers: Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies (Special Issue: ‘Italian Ecomedia: Archaeologies, Theories, Perspectives’)
[Commlist] CfP: Discourses of War: The influence of the war against Ukraine on discourses worldwide
July 18, 2022
[Commlist] CFP: Conceptualising Youth Mobilities amidst Social Challenges Workshop
July 19, 2022
[Commlist] 3^rd International Conference on Communication and Media studies: Communication and media developments in times of disinformation and global challenges
[Commlist] CfP Youth migration, media and transnational education
[Commlist] Call for Audiovisual Essays · Journal of Science and Technology of the Arts
[Commlist] BBC Radio 1922-2022 JRAM cfp
[Commlist] CFP: Global Women's Film Heritage
July 20, 2022
[Commlist] Call for Proposals - Global Atomic Horror: Fears of Nuclear Power in Gothic Literature, Film and Media
[Commlist] cfp: Gender in Media and Communications in the digital age: Post-pandemic trajectories in education, research and advocacy
July 21, 2022
[Commlist] CFP Special Issue (November 2022) - Journal of Akdeniz İletişim
July 23, 2022
[Commlist] cfp PhD research seminar on Communication, Citizenship and Representative Democracy: Theoretical and Practical Approaches
July 25, 2022
[Commlist] Symposium –‘Visual Activism in the 21st Century: Art, Protest and Resistance'
[Commlist] Call for chapter proposals on Celebrity Politics
[Commlist] CFP Versus-Journal of Semiotic Studies: Language, Violence and Symbolic Practices
[Commlist] Call for Papers - EvoMUSART 2023
[Commlist] The BBC at 100 symposium, National Science and Media Museum and online, 13-15 Sept 2022
July 26, 2022
[Commlist] CFP: (Eco)Traumatic Landscapes in Contemporary Audiovisual Culture
July 27, 2022
[Commlist] CfP Pop Cultures: Cultural and Creative Industries, Concepts and Problems
[Commlist] cfp Special issue of GAME n. 11/2023 on Interactive Digital Narratives: Counter-Hegemonic Narratives and Expression of Identity
[Commlist] Journalism CFP: Data journalism and audience engagement
July 28, 2022
[Commlist] CFP: Starchitecture
[Commlist] CfP | Symposium “(Il)liberal Nation Projection Through Sport, Culture, Entertainment, and International Broadcasting"
[Commlist] CFP: Foundations of Digital Games 2023
[Commlist] Call for Papers: Asian Cinema (Special Issue: 'Aesthetics of Fear in Asian Cinema')
July 29, 2022
[Commlist] Annual Conference International Media Management Academic Association (IMMAA)
July 30, 2022
[Commlist] Call for papers on “Television and Video: Reconfigurations of Audiovisual Communication”
[Commlist] Conference: International Society for Intermedial Studies
[Commlist] International Conference Youth Resistances, identities and self-representation
[Commlist] BBC Radio 1922-2022 - Journal of Radio and Audio Media (JRAM) - Call for papers
[Commlist] Conference - Drones in Society: New Visual Aesthetics
[Commlist] Crossroads in Cultural Studies 2022 online conference