Archive for calls, July 2009

July 01, 2009
[ecrea] MECCSA Conference 6-8 January 2010 Call for papers
July 02, 2009
[ecrea] CFP: Creative Media
July 03, 2009
[ecrea] PhD Course: Applying dialogue-based approaches in communication research: methods for tackling complex analysis and practice, 22-25 March 2010
July 04, 2009
[ecrea] Entertainment=Emotion (international workshop)
[ecrea] Call for contributions to Politics and Culture
[ecrea] Call for contributions to Politics and Culture
[ecrea] call for abstracts for new anthology on gender/sexuality/media
July 06, 2009
[ecrea] cfp - Mots. Les langages du politique. Sigles et acronymes en politique (SAcroPol)
July 07, 2009
[ecrea] Global Poverty and the Media - Call for authors
[ecrea] CFP: Special Issue on Adaptations, Cross-Media Practices and Branded Entertainments
July 09, 2009
[ecrea] CFP Media and Politics Group, Political Studies Association 2010
[ecrea] cfp - Fiction and British Politics
[ecrea] Studies in Eastern European Cinema - Call for Papers
[ecrea] cfp deadline 20 July: IS THE PUBLIC INTEREST UNDER THREAT?
July 10, 2009
[ecrea] cfp: Cuadernos de Informacion
July 11, 2009
[ecrea] Postgraduate Conference on 'Rethinking Complicity and Resistance: The Relationship between Visual Arts and Politics'. Call for Papers
July 13, 2009
[ecrea] CfP European Media Management Association
July 15, 2009
[ecrea] Philosophy of Photography journal - Call for Papers
[ecrea] CFP: Mapping, Memory and the City
[ecrea] Call For Participation; Free Culture Research Workshop 2009 - Submission of short essays: Aug 9, 2009
[ecrea] Call for Articles: Sphera Publica, Trends of Media Discourse
[ecrea] Studies in Comics journal - Call for Papers
July 16, 2009
[ecrea] call for papers - edited collection on adaptation/translation
[ecrea] Justice, Media and Public CFP
[ecrea] call for participation: WIKIWARS
[ecrea] call for papers -- BLOOD
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Canadian Journal of Communication Special Issue: Democratizing Communication Policy in the Americas: Why It Matters
[ecrea] International Conference. ICT that makes the difference
[ecrea] CFP: CSA Conference, Berkeley, March 2010
[ecrea] CFP: European Producers and Production
July 17, 2009
[ecrea] CFP: Liminal Landscapes symposium
[ecrea] CFP 6th Annual Southeast Asian Cinemas Conference, Vietnam 1-4 July 2010
[ecrea] Zoontotechnics (Animality/Technicity) conference CFP
[ecrea] Life Writing and Intimate Publics -- 7th Biennial International Auto/Biography Association Conference
[ecrea] CFP: Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication
July 19, 2009
[ecrea] 2nd New Zealand Discourse Conference
[ecrea] Canadian Journal of Media Studies Call for Papers: Media, Knowledge and the Network University
July 20, 2009
[ecrea] CFP: SCMS Conference, Los Angeles March 2010
[ecrea] Culture, Theory & Critique - Call for Papers
July 22, 2009
[ecrea] CPRafrica: Call for Papers
[ecrea] CFP: Journal of Media Practice
[ecrea] Polish Cinema in an International Context 2nd Call for Papers
[ecrea] Counter Natures Symposium, Uppsala University, 20-22 November 2009
[ecrea] Counterplay: Gaming, Cheating and Control - The Fibreculture Journal - Call For Papers
July 23, 2009
[ecrea] ICA Communication Law and Policy Division, Call for Papers, June 22-26, 2010, Singapore
[ecrea] CFP: "Television and the American Family, " SCMS conference, Los Angeles, March 17-21
July 24, 2009
[ecrea] CFP: Images in Mobile Communication
[ecrea] CFP: "Imagining Boundaries: Animals, Aesthetics, and the Posthuman, " SCMS Conference, LA, March 17-21
[ecrea] call for contributors to edited collection on women sport fans
[ecrea] CFP: Contemporary American Realism Panel : SCMS - Los Angeles, March 2010
[ecrea] CFP, SCMS 2010: Media and Cultural Policy from the Bottom Up
[ecrea] CFP: SCMS Panel/Workshop: No, Seriously! The Comic in Mediated Landscapes
July 27, 2009
[ecrea] Responsibility to the Story Conference Sept 9-11
[ecrea] International Journal of Digital Television - call for papers
[ecrea] CFP: IV Congress of CyberSociety
July 28, 2009
[ecrea] Call for Papers - LANDMARKS 2 - ECREA Philosophy of Communication Conference
[ecrea] CORRECTION: Call for Papers - LANDMARKS 2 - ECREA Philosophy of Communication Conference
[ecrea] Invitation to "Keeping Children and Young People Safe Online" Conference, Warsaw -29/30.09
July 29, 2009
[ecrea] Participatory Governance... PhD Course 8-10 September: Final Call
[ecrea] Xth Conference "European Culture"|Barcelona, October, 22nd-24th
[ecrea] CFP for Charting a New Course in Media Communication
[ecrea] CFP Animation Studies
[ecrea] CFP Celebrity Studies Journal: Special Forum edition on Michael Jackson
July 30, 2009
[ecrea] CFP Cuadernos de Informacion
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Intellectuals, `Islam' and Modernity
July 31, 2009
[ecrea] cfp - war on terror