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[Commlist] ICA Pre-conference PhD Workshop in Public Relations and Strategic Communication

Fri Dec 21 15:58:16 GMT 2018

ICA Pre-conference PhD Workshop in Public Relations and Strategic Communication
Date: 24 May, 2019
Sponsored by the ICA PR Division

Organizers (in alphabetical order): Flora Hung-Baesecke, Grazia Murtarelli, Katerina Tsetsura, Sophia Charlotte Volk

Senior Faculty Mentors who confirmed participatation in the workshop to date:

Dean Kruckeberg (University of North Carolina, Charlotte, USA)
Jim Macnamara (University of Technology Sydney, Australia)
Betteke van Ruler, ICA Fellow (University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
Bey-Ling Sha (San Diego State University, USA)

The aim of the workshop is to provide doctoral students with an opportunity to discuss their dissertation research in a constructive atmosphere. The workshop is relevant for PhD students within the research field of Strategic Communication, Public Relations and Organizational Communication, at different stages of their dissertation process. Students will receive feedback on their projects, theoretical frameworks, methodologies and research designs from senior scholars and fellow students, who review the proposals. By reviewing other students' papers, students learn also more about the reviewing process as well as improving their skills on how to write, submit and revise papers for top journals. Senior scholars will give more insights and advice on questions related to the PhD projects with a focus on: - Theoretical developments: Emerging perspectives, theories and concepts in the field of strategic communication and public relations (e.g., excellence theory, institutional theory, CCO, dialogic theory, critical theory, qualitative and quantitative methods etc.) and in specific fields (e.g., relationship/reputation management, crisis communication, CSR, ethics, social media, leadership communication, evaluation, measurement, etc.) - Methodological developments: Qualitative and quantitative methodologies, empirical challenges and solutions are discussed and evaluated with regard to the field of strategic communication

The workshop also serves as a platform for students working in these areas to establish a valuable network and discuss a variety of issues besides the dissertation projects, which are important for academic careers. To allow for a focused discussion, participants are required to indicate their interest in different issues in their application email; these include: publication strategies, mentoring & networking, international outreach & collaboration, funding/grants, job market, other (please specify).

This is a competitive workshop. Only a selected number of students will be granted the possibility to attend it. After completing the workshop, a certificate of attendance will be presented to all students who have actively participated by submitting a full paper and reviewing a fellow student’s paper as well as attending the workshop.

Application and submission
- Students apply with a short proposal (max. 3 pages excl. figures, tables, references) that describes the (planned) research by outlining the research problem and research gap, core theories or perspectives, the methodology or even empirical results. The proposal needs to outline core challenges and questions the student has at this stage of his project. By submitting a proposal a student confirms his/her intention to participate in the workshop. - Once accepted, students need to hand in a short paper of ca. 6,000 words, no later than March 20, 2019 via email to organizers. This paper can be focused on the core aspects the student would like to discuss (theories, empirical part, etc.). - After submission of the short papers, every student will review a fellow student’s paper and write a short peer review (ab. 1,000 words), which is due May 1, 2019 via email to organizers. At the seminar, students will present their peer review of a fellow student’s paper.

The number of participants at this workshop is limited to 15 to allow for discussion. Only those students whose proposals are accepted will be able to attend.

- Deadline for short proposal (3 pages max): January 20, 2019. Please email your entry to (tsetsura /at/ and (flora.hung /at/ Please indicate which of the followingissues you are interested to discuss (publication strategies, mentoring & networking, international outreach & collaboration, funding/grants, job market, other: please specify). - The proposals will be reviewed and acceptance provided by: February 10, 2019
- Deadline for short paper submission (6,000 words): March 20, 2019
- Deadline for short peer review (1,000 words): May 1, 2019 (email to organizers and be ready to distribute at the workshop)

Participation fee: Participation is free to all students whose papers are accepted. Each participant’s fee will be covered by the Public Relations Division of ICA. However, you must be a current ICA PRD member, at the time of the conference, in order to participate. Please register via the ICA website.

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