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[ecrea] International "Communicative Figurations" conference

Fri Oct 07 10:02:58 GMT 2016

—— International  "COMMUNICATIVE FIGURATIONS“ conference

From December 7-9, 2016 the Bremen House of Science (Haus der Wissenschaft, Sandstr. 4/5, Bremen, Germany) will host the international conference 'Communicative Figurations' on the interdependent transformation of communication, media, society and culture.

The ZeMKI, Centre for Media, Communication and Information Research, University of Bremen, organises the international conference in collaboration with the Hans-Bredow-Institute for Media Research, Hamburg and the SOCIUM, University of Bremen. The conference welcomes numerous speakers from all over Europe and the United States who investigate transforming communications against the background of an increasing complexity of the media environment. Richard Rogers (Digital Method Initiative, University of Amsterdam) and Gina Neff (Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford) will be keynote speakers.

For today’s life-worlds, media communication is essential: work, leisure, socialization, the public sphere, public engagement, etc. are articulated by different types of mediated communication. Even from a historical point of view it is impossible for us to imagine the multiple and contradictory processes of modernization without media. Today, various domains of the social world are so closely related to (digital) media that they could not exist in their present form beyond media. In this sense, we live in times of 'deep mediatization'.

A particular challenge of researching this stage of mediatization is the present complexity of the media environment: It is not one single medium that is the driving force of change. With the spreading of various technical communication media - television, radio, mobile phone, internet platforms etc. - we are confronted with a 'media manifold' which stimulates various processes of re-mediation and transmediation. And as media are more and more software-based and related to the internet, their use becomes entangled with processes of datafication. How can we investigate then transforming communications in times of deep mediatization? How do the figurations of living together change with the media environment?

The conference takes these fundamental questions seriously and moves the transformation of communications and figurations through the 'media manifold' into the foreground. The focuses of the conference are the transformation of journalism, religion, education, communities, politics, and public discourse. Beyond this, the conference puts an emphasis on the (digital) methods used to investigate related processes of transformation. It is the concluding event of the Creative Research Unit 'Communicative Figurations', being funded within the framework of the Initiative of Excellence.



Get Together

Plenary: Researching Transforming Communications *Andreas Hepp, University of Bremen, GER
*Uwe Hasebrink, Hans-Bredow-Institut, GER

Otherwise Engaged: From vanity metrics to critical analytics
*Richard Rogers, University of Amsterdam, NL

Panel: Journalism and its audience - audiences and their journalisms (chair: Wiebke Loosen)
*Laura Ahva, University of Tampere, FI
*Irene Costera Meijer, University of Amsterdam, NL
*Neil Thurman, LMU Munich, GER
*Wiebke Loosen & Uwe Hasebrink, Hans-Bredow-Institut, GER	


Olbers Hall
Panel: Remembering to belong? – Family memory in times of deep mediatization (chair: Christine Lohmeier)
*Sara Polak, Leiden University, NL
*Karina Horsti, University of  Jyväskylä, FI
*Göran Bolin, Södertörn University, SE
*Christine Lohmeier & Rieke Böhling, University of Bremen, GER	

Little Hall
Panel: Forces of persistence? Religious authority in times of deep mediatization (chair: Kerstin Radde-Antweiler) *Pauline Cheong, Arizona State University, USA
*Andrea Rota, University of Fribourg, CH
*Tim Hutchings, Stockholm University, SE
*Kerstin Radde-Antweiler, Sina Gogolok & Hannah Grünenthal, University of Bremen, GER

Coffee and tea break

Olbers Hall
Panel: Datafying education (chair: Andreas Breiter)
*Kim Schildkamp, University of Twente, NL
*Daniel Light, Center for Children and Technology, New York, USA
*Rebecca Eynon, Oxford Internet Institute, Oxford, UK
*Andreas Breiter & Juliane Jarke, University of Bremen, GER	

Little Hall 16:30-18:30 Panel: Networked media collectivities (chair: Thomas Friemel)
*Thomas Friemel & Matthias Bixler, University of Bremen, GER
*Mathias Weber, University of Mainz, GER
*Volker Gehrau, University of Münster, GER
*Christian Steglich, Linköping University, SE



Olbers Hall
KEYNOTE 2: The social lives of personal data: Communicative Figurations in the rise of self-tracking
*Gina Neff, University of Oxford, UK	

Olbers Hall
Panel: Pioneer communities: Imagining media-related transformations (chair: Andreas Hepp)
*Tamara Witschge, University of Groningen, NL
*Leah A. Lievrouw, University of Los Angeles, USA
*Nicole Zillien, University of Trier, GER
*Andreas Hepp, University of Bremen, GER	

Little Hall 10:00-12:00
Panel: Imagined communities and cross-media constructions of collectivities (chair: Hans-Ulrich Wagner)
*Andreas Fickers, University of Luxemburg, LUX
*Marie Cronquist, Lund University, SE
*Alec Badenoch, University of Utrecht, NL
*Lisa Spanka, University of Bremen, GER


Olbers Hall
Panel: School’s out: Informal learning in mediatized collectives
(chair: Karsten Wolf)
*Karsten Wolf, University of Bremen, GER
*Paul Eisewicht, TU Dortmund, GER & Pfadenhauer, Michaela, University of Vienna, AT
*Manuela Pietrass, University of the Bundeswehr Munich, GER
*Sebastian Fiedler, University of Hamburg, GER

Little Hall
Panel: Meeting face-to-face: Communication and political decision-making (chair: Tanja Pritzlaff) *Stéphanie Novak, Espol, Lille, FR & Sandrine Baume, UNIL-Dorigny, Lausanne, CH *Philippe Urfalino, Directeur d'études EHESS (Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales), FR
*Tanja Pritzlaff & Frank Nullmeier, University of Bremen, GER

Coffee and tea break

Olbers Hall
Disturbances of the middle classes’ conduct of life and their coping (chair: Ute Volkmann)
*Peter Lunt, University of Leicester, UK
*Christine Linke, University of Rostock, GER
*Uwe Schimank, Ute Volkmann & Michael Walter, University of Bremen, GER

Little Hall
Panel: Bridging moralization and deliberation research (chair: Stefanie Averbeck-Lietz)
*Simon Beste, University of Stuttgart, GER
*Peter Dahlgren, University of Lunt, SE
*Jostein Gripsrud, University of Bergen, NO
*Stefanie Averbeck-Lietz & Rebecca Venema, University of Bremen, GER

Coffee and tea break

Olbers Hall
Panel: The mediated construction of reality (chair: Uwe Hasebrink)
*Nick Couldry, LSE, UK & Andraes Hepp University of Bremen, GER
*Uwe Hasebrink, Hans Bredow Institut, GER
*Hubert Knoblauch, TU Berlin, GER
*Giselinde Kuipers, University of Amsterdam, NL	


Registration for the conference is now open. Please register via e-mail (commfigurations[at] with your name, status group and affiliation. You will receive a confirmation. Please note the following registration fees that have to be paid at the conference check in accompanied by a proof of your status group (e.g. certifcate of matriculation).

Regular rate: 30 euros
Doctoral students: 20 euros
Graduate students: 10 euros

You will receive a cash receipt. The registration fees include the conference dinner and lunches as well as coffee and tea in the breaks between the panels.

The conference brochure can be downloaded at:

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