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[ecrea] Call for Chapters: Collecting Coins: The evolution and social impact of video game economics

Sat Dec 12 13:03:18 GMT 2015

Call for Chapters


*_Working Title_*

/Collecting Coins: The evolution and social impact of video game economics/

Editor: Casey Hart (Stephen F. Austin State University)

Email: (Hartcb /at/ <mailto:(Hartcb /at/>

Subject Line: “Collecting Coins Chapter Abstract”


In the early days of video games, the media form as well as the market
forces that drove the industry were relatively simple.  As video games
grew in popularity and complexity, the industry developed new and
similarly complex ways to market their products to an increasingly
diverse audience.  As of 2015, the video game industry generates over
$100 billion in worldwide revenue annually from a consumer base that is
demographically quite different from that of 40 years ago.  With a
recent Pew poll indicating the historic gap between male and female
consumers getting smaller and smaller, and individuals of almost every
age, race, ethnic background, and economic bracket purchasing, owning
and playing video games at similar rates (Anderson, 2015), it is clear
the medium is experiencing greater social acceptability than ever
before.  Along with this acceptability has come new market conditions,
revenue-generating vehicles, and marketing techniques that has changed
the video game landscape dramatically.  As is often the case when new
technology or technique are introduced into a society, the potential for
profound social change is present, and such potential changes must be
examined in terms of both immediate and long term impact.

Anderson, M. (2015, October 29). The Demographics of Device Ownership.
Retrieved November 14, 2015, from


/Collecting Coins: The evolution and social impact of modern video game
economics /will be a compilation of peer-reviewed, theoretically sound
chapters exploring the emerging trends marketing, sales, economic
structure, and revenue-generating game dynamics in the modern video game
industry.  Chapters may also focus on greater social impact of such
factors as it is assumed such changes will inevitably have ripple
effects through society.  In this book we are looking for contributions
from scholars with a passion for video games or electronic media in
general and a background in researching games, advertising, marketing,
electronic media, digital media or related fields.

Please be advised, submissions will only be accepted if they are firmly
rooted in sound theory and research methodology.  Acceptable theoretical
fields are varied and may include, but are not limited to, mass
communication, business, electronic/digital media and others, but
research must be soundly rooted in its field and properly conducted.

*_Target Audience_*

The target audience for /Collecting Coins: The evolution and social
impact of video game economics/ will be researchers, professors,
graduate students, practitioners and professional in academia and others
with an interest in the ever-changing landscape of the video game
industry. This book will provide insight into the current state of the
video game industry, analyze consumer psychology and marketplace forces
being leveraged, and speculate, from a sound theoretical foundation, as
to the potential social impact of changes in the video game industry
over the last 10 years. Ultimately, this book is intended to be a
resource for any individual or community that has a passion for the
medium of video games and the industry that makes their continued
development possible

*_Recommended Topics_*

· Microtransactions

· Toys-to-life

· Pester power

· DLC (Downloadable content)

· Free-to-Play games (Economic structure)

· Free-to-Play games vs. Pay-to-play

· MMOs

· Mobile marketing (Candy Crush)

· Mobile marketing (Game of War)

· Impact of mobile gaming on expanding markets (females, children, etc…)

· International marketing

· Perpetual content

· Product placement

· In-game advertising

· “Lite” Apping

· Changing demographic

· Licensing

· Console vs. PC vs. Mobile

· Peripherals (Pokémon Go, GTA iFruit, WoW Armory, etc…)

*_Submission Procedure_*

Authors are invited to submit on or before *January 11, 2016*, a chapter
proposal of approximately *400 to 800* words clearly explaining the
mission and concerns and theoretical foundation of his or her proposed
chapter.//_Authors should also submit a brief bio along with their
abstract._  Authors will be notified by *February 1, 2016*, about the
status of their proposals and sent chapter guidelines. Full chapters of
*5000-8,000* words are expected to be submitted by *June 15, 2016.*/The
Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association/, 6^th
  edition/, /must be followed.

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