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[ecrea] ICA CFP deadline extended 48 hours

Mon Oct 31 18:58:00 GMT 2011

Due to the unexpectedly large snowstorm and extensive power outages (both  =
in area and days) in the Northeastern US, the submission deadline for the I=
CA Phoenix conference, Communication and Community, has been extended 48 ho=
urs.  This extended  deadline applies to ALL submitters regardless of where=
 you are located. The new deadline is 11:00 pm EDT (23:00) on Thursday 3 No=
vember 2011.  We hope that this will allow everyone to complete their submi=
ssions. For those of you who have been adversely affected by this storm (an=
d all the other difficult global conditions in the past weeks) we hope that=
 things get back to normal soon. Please notify us if there is anything else=
 we can do to help.

We look forward to seeing everyone in Phoenix for what is shaping up as a u=
nique and exciting conference!

Cynthia Stohl

ICA President-Elect and Conference Chair

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