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[ecrea] Critical Arts Call for Papers: Contemporary Youth Resistance Culture: Viability, Relevancy and Pragmatism

Thu Oct 20 15:59:04 GMT 2011

Contemporary Youth Resistance Culture: Viability, Relevancy and Pragmatism

Critical Arts

Theme Editor: Clive W. Kronenberg, Cape Peninsula University of Technology

In 2011 Chile saw its largest student mobilisation since the US-backed military coup that brought Pinochet to power in 1973. Meanwhile the Nigerian youth arguably face far greater troubles. In recent months the Niger Delta crude oil flow was disrupted by youths in protest against a multi-national oil company operating in the area. When we turn our attention further north, the gargantuan challenges made against the ruling establishments of Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, can never be ignored. Here, too, we found the youth being integral to the popular uprisings against traditional, undemocratic ruling systems. While the outcomes of these developments remain open to conjecture, the youth of England, likewise, found themselves engaged in a major skirmish against the powers of the day. Barely a few weeks prior to this, hundreds of thousands of young people in Portugal, Spain, and especially Greece, joined groups hostile to the austerity measures inaugurated to ‘save’ the capitalist economies from total ruin.

This Call for Papers is concerned predominantly, though not exclusively, with the theoretical substructures that inform and underpin this prevailing universal ‘youth resistance culture’. The fact that youths from different parts of the world, on arguably all continents, almost simultaneously, find themselves entangled in their own, idiosyncratic ‘mode of contestation’, does suggest the presence of a common set of problems and aspirations, one which traverses human, social, cultural, political, and territorial boundaries.

Accordingly, the call is made on writers, teachers, analysts, scholars, researchers, and commentators, to submit transdisciplinary, erudite, bold perspectives that explore and dissect the conjectural frameworks of this modern, yet by no means rare combat¬ive cultural trend amongst the world’s younger generations. In particular, submissions are called for that critically evaluate the significance, worthiness, promise, or potential impact, of these agendas. Of special import, then, is the opportunity for contributors to evaluate not merely the substance, but the viability, relevancy, or pragmatism, of this ‘critical culture’ that distinguishes young people’s lives in the current epoch of human existence. Insofar as contributors are at liberty to focus on specific cases in point, perspectives on the global situation, and thus the broader context of such paradigms, would especially be appreciated.

As a special edition of Critical Arts, full-length academic papers are limited to 5000 words, while specialist commentaries, not exceeding 2000 words, are also welcome.
Submissions to Clive W. Kronenberg at (skronenbergc /at/ Deadlines for Abstracts: 20 January 2012. Deadline for submissions: 20 June 2012.

Read the Call for Papers online at

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