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[ecrea] IPSA call for paper - Technology and Higher Education: The Role of the Internet

Thu Oct 06 22:43:05 GMT 2011

we invite you to submit your paper proposals to our panel "Technology =
and Higher Education: The Role of the Internet"  (RC11: Science and =
Politics = for the International Political Science =
Association (IPSA) World Congress.
Chair:  Mauro Calise (University of Naples Federico II, IPSA Portal =
Discussants:  Michael Brintnall  (APSA Executive Director)

The modern information and communication technologies promise to improve =
the quality, flexibility and effectiveness of higher education. Students =
are more and more computer and IT literate and, for their part, =
universities are realizing that the new technologies are one of the most =
important springboards for innovation.=E2=80=A8The introduction of new =
technologies into teaching is progressing along similar lines to those =
seen in other fields some years before. One example is that of libraries =
and the way they organize the output of the knowledge industry. The =
progressive integration of new multi-media technologies with teaching =
methodologies is creating an environment of virtual knowledge-sharing =
through the interconnection of learning and teaching spaces.=E2=80=A8Follo=
wing these considerations, this panel looks into the new methodologies =
and new tools used to study and research online, it investigates how =
computers and the Web can be used to improve student learning and skills =
development, how the Internet can enhance traditional teaching and =
learning methods, how scientists design and implement the innovations, =
looks at experiences and innovative projects in the universities, and =
more generally at the cutting-edge approaches and techniques that can be =
applied in social sciences.=E2=80=A8Case studies, applications of new =
methodologies and tools are welcome.
NEW DEADLINE for paper proposals:  17 October 2011
Please use the IPSA internet in order to submit your paper proposals: =

Anyone can submit an abstract.  You do not need to be a member of IPSA =
in order to submit your abstract.
In case you have problems, you could contact directly the Convenor =
(Monica Zuccarini:  (zuccarini /at/
Apologies for cross-posting

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