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[ecrea] CFP: 'In Search of Digital Feminisms' - Media-N Journal, 2012 Spring Edition

Sat Oct 01 07:41:43 GMT 2011


Media-N, Journal of the New Media Caucus is pleased to announce a Call for
Papers for the 2012 Spring Edition - Guest Edited by Katherine Behar and
Silvia Ruzanka entitled 'In Search of Digital Feminisms'.

- October 15, 2011: Deadline for reception of abstracts/proposals.
- Nov 7, 2011: Notification of acceptance.
- December 15, 2011: Deadline for reception of final papers/artworks.

Katherine Behar & Silvia Ruzanka

Media-N Editor-in-Chief
Pat Badani

“In Search of Digital Feminisms”

This issue of Media-N collects instances of digital feminisms: past,
present, and future.

Feminism has been variously entangled with New Media art throughout its
development over the past half century. Since its beginnings, the
relationship has been a complicated one. Operating within the male-oriented
field of technology, new media art is often complicit with the agenda of
technoculture. Yet this position also provides an ideal arena for feminist
critique and new tools for resistance and empowerment. Today, the newest new
media technologies are instantly mainstream, and global hegemonies have
adopted the distributed characteristics that once epitomized networked
radicalism. Feminism has fallen from vogue in contemporary art, and all but
disappeared from new media art and its discourses. In this context, how have
the goals and challenges for digital feminisms evolved? Is the term still
relevant? Is there a need for a specifically feminist approach in
contemporary new media?

The editors welcome submissions that address digital feminisms from any
period, whether historical or contemporary. Submissions may take the form of
historical survey essays; case studies of artists, artworks, or collectives;
interviews; critical discussions of exhibitions or artworks; manifestos, or
performance scripts.
Possible subjects include:
-      Feminist content in new media art.
-      Feminist uses of new media technology.
-      Feminist responses to new media culture.
-      Curatorial perspectives on feminism in new media.
-      Art historical responses to feminism and new media
This issue of Media-N extends a moderated open dialogue about the current
state of new media art and feminism, which took place in New York as part of
New Media Caucus’ offsite panels and activities held concurrently with the
CAA 2011 conference. What emerged from this conversation was a digital
feminism that is not a single entity but a multiplicity. Responses from the
discussion included an ambivalence to the use of the term ‘feminism;’ a
commitment to feminist issues as something pervasive rather than distinct; a
desire to reclaim and redefine the term feminism; a pragmatic motivation to
take advantage of the empowering possibilities of new technologies; and a
restaging of feminist discourse in emerging media such as games.

Please send your submission proposal with the following information, by
email to: (katherine.behar /at/ <mailto:(katherine.behar /at/> AND (ruzans /at/ <mailto:(ruzans /at/> with 'Media-N
Submission' in the subject line.

Include your Email(s), Proposal Title, 300-500 word Proposal Description, up
to 3 page Resume, and your Title/Affiliation (the institution/organization
you work with – if applicable, or independent scholar/practitioner.) Note:
submissions of artworks should also include a link to online documentation.

All papers are to follow the Chicago Manual of Style 16th ed. Please check
out more details under Publication Guidelines, here:

If you have questions about Media-N, please feel free to contact:
Pat Badani, Editor in Chief Media-N, Journal of the New Media Caucus
(Medianjournal.badani /at/ <mailto:(Medianjournal.badani /at/>

Media-N was established in 2005 to provide a forum for New Media Caucus
members, featuring their scholarly research, artworks and projects. The New
Media Caucus is a nonprofit, international membership organization that
advances the conceptual and artistic use of digital media. Additionally, the
NMC is a College Art Association Affiliate Society.

- - -
Katherine Behar
Assistant Professor of New Media
Department of Fine and Performing Arts
Baruch College, City University of New York
Digital Fellow, /Art Journal/ <> <> <> <>

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