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[eccr] Fwd: Almodovar - call for submissions

Tue May 17 09:27:59 GMT 2005

>Tying Down Almodovar: new perspectives on the cinema of Pedro Almodovar
>Edited by Tamar Jeffers McDonald and John Mercer
>Pedro Almodovar is now widely recognised as the most famous and successful
>Spanish film director since Bunuel. With a career spanning 30 years and
>including a body of work in excess of 25 films, the time seems ripe for a
>comprehensive appraisal of his career, thematic themes and concerns and his
>significance both within academic discourse around cinema, within Spanish
>culture and as one of the key contemporary directors of international
>To date, critical attention has tended to focus on the issues of sexuality
>that are key themes in Almodovars work and his status as a gay director.
>Whilst this is central to an understanding of his work, Almodovars oeuvre
>is now such that a range of further issues and debates have emerged that
>demand a sustained critical engagement, and the principle aim of this
>edited collection is to address this need.
>1. To compile a comprehensive scholarly and critical overview of
>Almodovars oeuvre and his wider cultural significance as a director.
>2. To draw together international scholarship that addresses
>Almodovars cinema from a variety of perspectives and utilises a diversity
>of critical methodologies.
>3. To initiate and provoke further dialogue and discussion amongst
>film and cultural studies scholars at all levels.
>We are seeking proposals for essays of between 6000 to 6500 words for
>submission by January 2006 and are especially interested in work that
>· Issues of national and cultural identity in Almodovars cinema
>· Questions of Authorship
>· Performance, stardom and celebrity
>· The manipulation of genres
>· Issues of style and aesthetics
>· Readership and identification
>· Sexuality and gender
>We particularly welcome submissions that take issue with, challenge or
>transcend the orthodoxies surrounding Almodovars work
>In the first instance please send a 300 to 500 word proposal with CV by
>27th June 2005 to
>(John.mercer /at/ or (tamar.Jeffers /at/

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