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[ecrea] Download Free copy of ECREA 5 Book ("Press Freedom and Pluralism in Europe")

Sat Apr 11 15:27:23 GMT 2009

"Press Freedom and Pluralism in Europe" has been made available online at the Intellect website.

"Press Freedom and Pluralism in Europe. Concepts and Conditions," edited by Andrea Czepek, Melanie Hellwig, Eva Nowak can be downloaded here:

This book is part of the ECREA series, which you will find here:

In Press Freedom and Pluralism in Europe, researchers from twelve countries examine media systems regarding conditions for independence and pluralism. They discuss a European approach to press freedom and diversity and include case studies of a broad spectrum of media systems including Bulgaria, the Baltics, Poland, Romania, Finland, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain and the UK.

The volume examines how other factors such as economic influences, historic, cultural and social conditions also have a substantial impact on media independence. With its topical subject matter and a need for new media policies facing a changing media world, Press Freedom and Pluralism in Europe is an essential resource for media studies and journalism scholars.

Book Chapters & Links

Introduction: Structural Inhibition of Media Freedom and Plurality across Europe - Page 9
Andrea Czepek, Melanie Hellwig and Eva Nowak

Measuring Media Freedom: Approaches of International Comparison - Page 23
Markus Behmer

Pluralism and Participation as Desired Results of Press Freedom: Measuring Media System Performance - Page 37
Andrea Czepek

Is the Clash of Rationalities Leading Nowhere? Media Pluralism in European Regulatory Policies - Page 45
Beata Klimkiewicz

The Challenges of ICT to Media Pluralism - Page 75
Lilia Raycheva

Press Freedom and Pluralism on the Micro Level: Journalistic Qualifications and Professionalization - Page 91
Eva Nowak

Media Systems, Equal Rights and the Freedom of the Press: Gender as a Case in Point - Page 101
Elisabeth Klaus

Media Governance and Media Quality Management: Theoretic al Concepts and an Empirical Example from Switzerland - Page 115
Vinzenz Wyss and Guido Keel

Assessing Pluralism and the Democratic Performance of the Media in a Small Country: Setting a Comparative Research Agenda for the Baltic States - Page 129
Aukse Balcytiene

Media in Poland and Public Discourse - Page 141
Ryszard Filas and Pawel Planeta

Mass Media Developm ents in Bulgaria - Page 165
Lilia Raycheva

Press Freedom and Media Pluralism in Romania: Facts, Myths and Paradoxes - Page 177
Mihai Coman

Media Freedom and Pluralism in the United Kingdom (UK) - Page 197
Peter Humphreys

Mind the Gap? Press Freedom and Pluralism in Finland - Page 213
Inka Salovaara-Moring

Pre-Conditions for Press Freedom in Germany - Page 229
Andrea Czepek, Melanie Hellwig and Eva Nowak

The Austrian Media System: Strong Media Conglomerates and an Ailing Public Service Broadcaster - Page 251
Martina Thiele

Pluralism in the French Broadcasting System: Between the Legacy of History and the Challenges of New Technologies - Page 261
Thierry Vedel

The Freedom of the Spanish Press - Page 275
Ingrid Schulze-Schneider

Pluralism of Information in the Television Sector in Italy: History and Contemporary Conditions - Page 289
Cinzia Padovani


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