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[eccr] WSIS Draft declaration and Action Plan

Tue Mar 25 17:13:21 GMT 2003

Dear colleagues,

The latest version of the WSIS draft declaration and action plan are now
available (English only).

You can download them at:|1&c_ty

As agreed at the Prepcom, the documents include the
governmental input first, and then the observers input, following the
same structure (without distinction as to which is civil society and
which is other observers).  I haven't checked to see how much of
our content from the Prepcom has been included.

We have two months (till end of May) to make comments and input
for the next version of the document.  In the next day or so we will
present you with a proposal on how we could go about working on
this.  In the meantime, I suggest each of us starts to revise the
documents.  Also, each caucus needs to confirm (if you haven't
already done so) your contact points and set up an on-line working

The newly registered wsis-cs domain is available for setting up
caucus mailing lists with a web-based archive, if you wish to do so.
Requests can be sent to Karen Banks: (karenb /at/  You
will need to designate a list owner.  Karen is willing to give
orientation on list management if needed, but cannot manage all
the lists herself.

Sally Burch

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