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[eccr] Critical Coverage of the Attack on Iraq

Tue Mar 25 13:26:52 GMT 2003

From: "Sean Hawkey" <(SH /at/>
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Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2003 11:01:35 -0000
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Subject: Critical Coverage of the Attack on Iraq

Critical coverage of the Attack on Iraq is being posted at the 'taking
sides' blog:

New articles every day. Recent articles include:
The Casualties of War, First Truth, then Conscience. TV Warfare.
Military Spin Corps. The Blogs from Baghdad, Where is Raed? Independent
Journalists Threatened with Death by the Pentagon. Independent
Journalists Killed by Coalition Forces. Coverage Helped Lead to War.
Zero One Zulu Time.WCC Challenges Bush's Religious Claims. Restrictions
Imposed on Media. Dissent Under Pressure at BBC. The Myth of Surgical
Bombing. Media Become a Branch of the War Machine. Al Jazeera Causes
Outcry by Reporting Truth. Acknowledge Despair, Highlight Progress on
Moral Preemption. A Call to Mutiny.

Recent contributions from:
Noam Chomsky, Robert Fisk, Eduardo Galeano, Ariel Dorfman, Desmond Tutu,
Boutros Boutros Gali, Jon Pilger, Kathy Kelly, Pepe Escobar, Matt Wells,
Anthony Arnove, Norman Solomon, Michael Moore...

Collected links to sources including:
The Guardian, Voices In The Wilderness, ElectronicIraq, YellowTimes,
Znet, Tom Paine, Common Dreams, Sojo, CounterPunch, FAIR, Media Lens,
CPJ and many others.


Sean Hawkey
(sh /at/

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