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[eccr] Journalists among Iraq casualties (Erika Klingener)

Tue Mar 25 08:15:29 GMT 2003

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Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2003 00:13:13 -0600

Subject: Journalists among Iraq casualties (Erika Klingener)

It seems as though being a journalist in this war is deadlier than being  a

"(CBS) One French and two American journalists were killed after crossing
the border with Iraq into Nasariyah, Central Command reported Saturday. No
names and affiliations were given. A third American was injured.

"Centcom in Doha says a total of six journalists have been killed.

"Two British ITN reporters in Um Qasr were killed by Iraqis after passing a

"An apparent car bomb killed an Australian cameraman and at least four other
people Saturday at a checkpoint near a camp of a militant group linked to al

"Also Saturday, ITN television news reported that three members of one of
its news crews were missing after coming under fire en route to Basra in
southern Iraq."

Erika Klingener
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

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