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[eccr] EU Commission opens consultation on EU government e-services

Tue Apr 16 22:21:46 GMT 2002

Title: EU Commission opens consultation on EU government e-services

Commission opens consultation on EU government e-services

In short:
The Commission has launched an open consultation on the Interchange of Data between Administrations (IDA) initiative on the provision of pan-EU government e-services.

The EU Member States are currently putting in place government e-services for enterprises and citizens, designed to replace paper-based methods of working with public administration with channels for electronic working over the Internet. eGovernment services are also one of the ten priorities of the eEurope programme.

The purpose of the consultation is to establish the needs and priorities for Europe's enterprises and citizens to have access to pan-EU government e-services in cross-border situations. The Commission states that "looking at government e-services today, it would appear that there are at least four types of government e-service that have a cross-border dimension":

*    Cross-border users: government-services that should be open to users in other Member States.
*    Information exchange between Europe's public administrations: government e-services that need access to information held by public administrations in other Member States;
*    Life events for citizens and enterprises at the EU level: requirement to share or obtain access to information resulting from the development by the Member States of government e-services based on 'life events' (for citizens) and 'business episodes' (for enterprises).
*    European-level services: e-services provided by European institutions, agencies or other international public sector organisations, and e-services for compliance with regulations for which grounds for national deviation do not exist.

The consultation is open until 17 June 2002 and input should be sent to: (ida-central /at/

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