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[Commlist] Book: Political Economy of Journalism

Thu Jul 18 16:42:15 GMT 2019

We are delighted to announce the publication of “Political Economy of Journalism”, edited by Vincent Mosco, Jacqueline Dourado, Denise Lopes, Juliana Teixeira and Renan Marques by EDUFPI.

The publication features 13 contributions from 23 academics across the globe. It presents some of the threats and challenges that communication and more specifically journalism has been facing with the emergence of new logics of production and consumption related to the use of Internet, especially social networks.

The book aims to provoke an in depth discussion about the work process in journalism; the capitalist logic of accumulation applied to media; and the ethical and citizen issues which interfere in the journalistic production.

The book can be purchased online at Amazon (link below). It is currently available in Kindle and paperback formats.

Table of Contents



/New Media: The Next Internet/ – Vincent Mosco

/Rethinking Journalism on Online Environment: players, business models and liability/ – Denise Maria Moura da Silva Lopes and Maria Clara Estrela

/The Concept of Public Sphere Revisited: citizenship, media convergence and vigilance systems/ – Andres Kalikoske and Patrícia Augsten

/The Crisis of Business and Jounalism: A Critical Political Economy Approach/ – Ibrahim Seaga Shaw

/Capitalist Restructuration, Intellectual Labor and the Material Conditions for Online Journalism Production/ – César Bolaño

/The Challenge of Audience Participation for Regional Media: professional and organisational strategies for community development/ – Ainara Larrondo-Ureta; Irati Agirreazkuenaga-Onaindia; Koldo Meso-Ayerdi; Anna Tous-Rovirosa

/The Production Process of Television Journalism in the Face of Mobile Devices: understanding the perspective of professionals from the TV stations of Piauí (Brazil)/ – Juliana Fernandes Teixeira

/The Spaces Designed for the Audience Participation in Piauí TV 1ª Edição/ – Cristal Sá; Jacqueline Lima Dourado; Juliana Fernandes Teixeira

/Communication Collectives in Brazil: Emergence and socio-historical contexts/ – Samária Andrade and Fábio Pereira

/Popularizing the Popular: strategies of delegitimization of the alternative communication by traditional media groups/ – Eula Dantas Taveira Cabral and Adilson Vaz Cabral Filho

/Crisis and Restructuring of Sports Journalism in Brazil: the story of Placar Magazine/ – Anderson David Gomes dos Santos Júlio Arantes Azevedo

/Jornal Nacional (National News) as a Space of Technical-Aesthetic Hegemony of the Globo Network/ – Denise Freitas de Deus Soares; Jacqueline Lima Dourado; Juliana Fernandes Teixeira

/The “Cinema de Borda” in Piauí as an Expression of the Alternative Techno-Aesthetic Standard/ – Jacqueline Lima Dourado; Luís Nogueira; Thaís Souza


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