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[Commlist] New issue of C&S 2019 32 (3) published

Tue Jun 04 07:27:25 GMT 2019

We are pleased to announce that the new issue of Communication & Society is now available.

*C&S 2019 *

*Volumen 32 (3) ENGLISH*

*1.**Luis Navarrete-Cardero, Juan J. Vargas-Iglesias*

The ability of video games to depict cancer as a dramatic experience.

A comparative study with literature and cinema

*2.**Tiago Lima Quintanilha, Marisa Torres da Silva, Tiago Lapa*

Fake news and its impact on trust in the news. Using the Portuguese case to establish lines of differentiation

*3.**Carolina Moreno-Castro, Mavi Corell Doménech, Ramón Camaño-Puig*

Which has more influence on perception of pseudo-therapies: the media's information, friends or acquaintances opinion, or educational background?

*4.**Santos M. Mateos-Rusillo*

The use of the museum as a public relations agency by sponsors: the role of the media

*5.**Sergio Sparviero*

From passive consumption of media goods to active use of media brands: on value generation and other differences

*6.**Rafael Soto-Escobar, Carmen Espejo-Cala *

The information sources of the first Spanish Newspapers (1618-1635): the construction of information credibility

7.*Joseba Bonaut Iriarte, Mireya Vicent Ibáñez*

Sport Content in Spanish Television Programming (1993-2010): an analysis from the audience ratings perspective

*8.**Maialen Goirizelaia, Kattalina Berriochoa*

News from the Old Country: Media Consumption by the Basque Diaspora in the United States

*9.**Carmen Rodríguez Wangüemert, Vanessa Rodríguez Breijo, José Manuel Pestano Rodríguez*

The framing of China on Spanish television

*10.**Samuel Gil-Soldevilla, José Antonio Palao Errando, Javier Marzal Felici*

Advertising communication and spirituality: a critical approach of academics and professionals

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