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[Commlist] Flow issue 25.06 published

Tue Jun 04 07:22:22 GMT 2019

The journal is proud to announce the publication of issue 25.06! This month's articles:

Kelly Kessler, "/Grace and Frankie/ Open the Door: Dramedy, Netflix, and Small Screen Lily Tomlin" <>

Kelly Kessler examines not only the unique comedic styling of Lily Tomlin but how  Netflix and its /Grace and Frankie/ has opened up a new space for comedy that broadcasters and cable outlets have often shied away from.

Alison Harvey, "Tits or GTFO: The Aggressive Architecture of the Internet" <>

Borrowing concepts from critical architecture studies, Harvey argues that 'active inactivity' in dealing with toxic and hateful speech and action in the regulation of social media web sites functions as aggressive architecture, sidelining the concerns, needs, and well-being of Othered publics.

Sarah Florini, "Twitter and the Politics of Citation" <>

Sarah Florini considers how the intersections of social media, race, intellectual property and fair use require a shift in thinking from issues of legality to issues of power.

Matthew Tchepikova-Treon, "Punk, Disco, Porn—The Deuce ’77—Part 3" <>

In his third piece on HBO's /The Deuce/, Matthew Tchepikova-Treon explores the role of pornography, music, and the female body in the show's second season.

Josh Stenger, "“I’m not really a ‘fan’, but…”: Fandom, Learning and the Future of Higher Education" <>

Josh Stenger argues that participatory fandom presents higher education with an opportunity to help undergraduates identify the skills and habits of mind they have already developed as fans, then strengthen and apply these in intentional, edifying ways in more traditional academic settings.

Joshua Braun, "Reflections on an $1,800 Dissertation" <>

Reflecting on completing his dissertation field work on a shoestring budget, Josh Braun offers insights and guidance for those embarking on a similar path.

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