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[ecrea] New book - Hybrid Heritage on Screen. The Raj Revival in the Thatcher Era

Mon Sep 21 23:22:29 GMT 2015

*/Hybrid Heritage on Screen.
The ‘Raj Revival’ in the Thatcher Era, by Elena Oliete-Aldea. /*

*Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015.*

* ISBN 9781137463968*


Conflicts in terms of cultural and ethnic identities characterise the
increasingly multi-cultural and globalised societies of our time. In
Great Britain, the 'Thatcher decade' marked a watershed in British
society, bringing about important changes in the political, economic,
social and cultural reality of the country. Integrating a methodical
textual analysis within a comprehensive cultural approach, Elena
Oliete-Aldea offers a vibrant study of the hybridity, fluidity and
contingency of identity construction in Britain and explores how
contested power relations constantly intertwine discourses of gender,
class and ethnicity.




Chapter 1. The Porosity of Identity Boundaries

Chapter 2. Britain in the 1980s: The Thatcher Decade

Chapter 3. British Cinema and the Raj Revival

Chapter 4. ‘On Heroes’: Bapu Goes West

Chapter 5. History in Literary Adaptations

Chapter 6. The Raj on TV

Conclusion: Cohabiting in Hybridity?

Appendix: Selected Filmography

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Dra Elena Oliete-Aldea

Dept. Filologia Inglesa y Alemana

Facultad Economía y Empresa

Universidad de Zaragoza

Gran Vía 2

50005 Zaragoza

Tel. + 34 876554622

Visit: <>

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