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[ecrea] New special issue of the journal Artifact - the design concept

Mon Sep 07 20:36:56 GMT 2015

New special issue of the journal Artifact


Charlie Breindahl, Ida Engholm, Maria Mackinney-Valentin, Kirsten Marie Raahauge

"Introduction: The Design Concept - Anything, Everything, Something or Nothing"
Kirsten Marie Raahauge

"Design Without Final Goals: Getting Around Our Bounded Rationality"
Jude Chua

"Design as Co-Evolution of Problem, Solution, and Audience"
Per Liljenberg Halstrøm and Per Galle

"The Effect of Design: A Phenomenological Contribution to the Quiddity of Design Presented in Geometrical Order"
Stéphane Vial

"Prototyping a Useless Design Practice: What, Why & How?"
Søren Rosenbak

"Can Anyone Be a Designer? Amateurs in Fashion Culture"
Fabian Holt and Maria Mackinney-Valentin

"The Overdesigned and the Undesigned – Placemaking in New Residential Complexes"
Marie Stender

"The Design Process Seen Through the Eyes of a Type Designer"
Sofie Beier

"Shaping Dreams: Design Ideas and Design Fiction in Movie and Television Production Design"
Jakob Ion Wille

"Design Education for Local Development"
Pernille Askerud and Barbara Adler

Mads Nygaard Folkmann: "The Aesthetics of Imagination in Design" 					
Susann Vihma

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