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[ecrea] New Book: School Shootings Mediatized Violence in a Global Age

Tue Dec 11 20:12:07 GMT 2012

School Shootings Mediatized Violence in a Global Age

Studies in Media and Communications v. 7

Editors: Glenn W. Muschert and Johanna Sumiala

ISBN: 9781780529189

This volume explores the connection between school shootings and coverage in the media, while examining the presence and effects of these events and dynamics in contemporary life.

Chapters question the role of violent video games as a factor in mass school shootings and an examination of YouTube videos from rampage school shooters from a variety of nations. The studies in this volume highlight the importance of media processes for understanding and responding to school-related violence, and also aid our understanding of broader issues, such as how trauma is symbolized, how meanings are constructed, dynamics of collective representation, the processes of public mourning, and the conceptualization of mass violence.

Editors Glen Muschert and Johanna Sumiala explain, “It is the nature of many school shootings that they capture the public attention via media, and that they have become a global cultural phenomenon. Hence, school shootings are highly mediatized international events, and therefore this aspect of the phenomenon deserves close attention, which is, ostensibly, the focus of this volume”.

Of interest to media personnel, educators, policy makers and researchers, this new book offers an alternative way to approach the important and timely issue of mediatized violence.

Highlights Include

A Futile Game: On the Prevalence and Possible Causes of the Misguided Speculation about the Role of Violent Video Games as a Substantial Independent Causal Factor in Mass School Shootings

Christopher Ferguson and James Ivory

U.S. and Finnish Journalists: A Comparative Study of Role, Responsibilities, and Emotional Reactions to School Shootings

Klas Backholm, Marguerite Moritz, and Kaj Björkqvist

Media Participation of School Shooters and Their Fans: Navigating Between Self-Distinction and Imitation to Achieve Individuation

Nathalie Paton

School Shootings, Crises of Masculinities, and Media Spectacle: Some Critical Perspectives

Douglas Kellner

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