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December 01, 2012
[ecrea] CFP- Journal of Social Media Studies (JSMS)
[ecrea] Breaking the Media Value Chain: VII International Conference, Barcelona, 13 – 14 June, 2013
[ecrea] new publication: Mediating Cultural Diversity in a Globalised Public Space
[ecrea] Call for papers - Children cultures and Media Cultures
[ecrea] PhD student positions in Media, Technology, & Democracy
[ecrea] W1-Professorship (Junior Professorship) for Culture and Technology in Africa at the University of Bayreuth
[ecrea] Second VIEW Journal issue explores Europe on and beyond the screen
[ecrea] call for papers: "Social Media R/evolution"
[ecrea] Call for Reviewers: 'Critical Studies in Television' journal
[ecrea] UPenn German Graduate Film Conference: Geist and the Machine
[ecrea] CFP – Communication and New Materialism
[ecrea] Symposium on research methods in social sciences (call for papers)
December 02, 2012
[ecrea] Political Culture and Media Genre: Beyond the News.
[ecrea] CFP Redefining Animation, USC June 23-25 2013
[ecrea] CFP: The small economies of the ‘new’ music industry
December 03, 2012
[ecrea] PhD course Comparative Media Systems: Audience Transformations
[ecrea] CALL FOR E-BOOK CHAPTERS - “Digital Literacy, Technology and Social Inclusion”
[ecrea] Community Journalism Conference 16 January 2013
[ecrea] Special issue of Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies
[ecrea] CFP TV Fangdom: A Conference on Television Vampires
[ecrea] BAFTSS First Annual Conference April 2013
[ecrea] Call For Papers: Stereoscopic 3D: A Creative Summit - March, 2013, London
[ecrea] CFP for a Book of Readings - A Reminder
December 04, 2012
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Media and Passion
[ecrea] Six positions in Media and Communication at the University of Copenhagen
[ecrea] CfP OURMedia/IAMCR conference: Crisis and community/citizens/social media
December 05, 2012
[ecrea] JOMEC Journal Issue 2: Media and the Olympics
[ecrea] The launch of Re.framing Activism and Call for Contributions
[ecrea] CFP: ICT and Work
[ecrea] The Place of Public Service Broadcasting Conference, July 2013
[ecrea] ‘Music and Digitisation: Intellectual Property, Piracy, and Cultural Heritage’: a workshop
[ecrea] Call for Abstracts - XI. Conference Culture and Computer Science - Visual World & Interactive Spaces
[ecrea] CFP - Scottish Media and Communication Association 2013 Conference
[ecrea] CfP, Journal of Peer Production: "Value and Currency in Peer Production"
[ecrea] Senior Lecturer In Games Art at the University of Hertfordshire
[ecrea] 3 job postings at Marymount Manhattan College
[ecrea] Culture and the Media
[ecrea] New issue of ephemera - The commons and their im/possibilities
[ecrea] CFP: Neo-Victorian Cultures: The Victorians Today
[ecrea] Media Policy and Regulation: Activating Voices, Illuminating Silences
[ecrea] CFP - Education/Society and Informatics/Cybernetics
[ecrea] Book reviewers needed for ECREA Critical Studies in Television Collaboration
[ecrea] CFP - Contemporary Greek Film Cultures conference 2013
[ecrea] DeXus 6.0: Discourses and Practices That Matter
December 06, 2012
[ecrea] controversial images - Media Representations on the Edge
[ecrea] Global Media Journal - (DE) - New Fall/Winter Issue 2012 online
[ecrea] New Book - Ringtones of Opportunity: Policy, Technology and Access in Caribbean Communications
[ecrea] Cornell Assistant Professor Job Announcement
[ecrea] Ghent university: Lecturer in the field of field of study: Film and Television Studies
[ecrea] CFP Texture in Film
[ecrea] new book: Mediatization of Public Services. How Organizations Adapt to News Media
[ecrea] Ethnicity, Race and Nationalism in European Media
[ecrea] CFP: Digital Citizenship (Research Stream) - European Sociological Association (August - Turim 2013)
December 07, 2012
[ecrea] Networking Knowledge Call for Reviewers
[ecrea] CFP Queer, Feminist and social media praxis Workshop, 17 May 2013
[ecrea] CFP: Emerging Genres, Forms, and Narratives in New Media Environments
[ecrea] CALL FOR AUTHORS: Multicultural America: A Multimedia Encyclopedia
[ecrea] call for chapters: The Black Holes of Communication. Scientific, Communication and Meta-Research in Communication
[ecrea] Lecturer in Digital Communication and Culture
[ecrea] Twitter and Microblogging conference, Lancaster University, 10-12 April 2013
[ecrea] LaborComm-2013: The 4th International Labor and Communication Conference
December 08, 2012
[ecrea] Participations 9.2 (including four Special Sections)
[ecrea] Call for Abstracts! 6th Intern. Conference on Media in CEE (Apr.26-27, 2013)
December 09, 2012
[ecrea] CfP - Special Issue of Interactions: Studies in Communication and Culture
[ecrea] CfP - Special Issue of Interactions: Studies in Communication and Culture
[ecrea] Call for Abstracts - Spring School "Studying Media Systems"
[ecrea] CFP: Communication and food for health benefits
[ecrea] CFP: Governing journalists
December 10, 2012
[ecrea] Journal of Screenwriting Vol. 5.2 Call for Papers
[ecrea] Doc on-line n. 13
[ecrea] IBERCOM 2013: Communication, Culture and Spheres of power, University of Santiago de Compostela, 29-31 May 2013
December 11, 2012
[ecrea] CFP Protest and the Media June 12 &13 2013
[ecrea] CFP: Nordmedia 2013 Media Literacy and Media Education Division
[ecrea] IAMHIST master class on Media and History
[ecrea] New Book: School Shootings Mediatized Violence in a Global Age
[ecrea] CFP Women and the Silent Screen VII
[ecrea] Postdoctoral Research Fellow position available
[ecrea] Third International Congress of Cultural Studies
[ecrea] ICA pre-conf deadline 15.12
[ecrea] New book: Digital media and learner identity - the new curatorship
[ecrea] Call for Papers: MeCCSA Postgraduate Network Conference 2nd-3rd July 2013
December 12, 2012
[ecrea] Crossings: Journal of Migration & Culture, issue 3.2
December 14, 2012
[ecrea] Books for Review - Participations: Journal of Audience and Reception Studies
[ecrea] CfP: Social Transformations and the Digital Age
December 15, 2012
[ecrea] 2 TATS calls for articles: New media, audience and emotional connectivity + Transforming Audiences and Transforming Media Management
December 16, 2012
[ecrea] Mediatization and New Media - International workshop in Copenhagen in March
December 17, 2012
[ecrea] workshop on Information Systems Interactive Spaces
[ecrea] deadline cfp "New media, audience and emotional connectivity" extended to January 11th 2013
[ecrea] Research Training: "Rhetoric as Theory and Method in the Study of Politics"
[ecrea] CfP - Special Issue of Interactions: Studies in Communication and Culture
[ecrea] "Interactions" on Contemporary Greek Culture - Special issue
December 18, 2012
[ecrea] CFP Deadline Reminder - Seminar on Portuguese Cinema
[ecrea] PhD Bursaries at Portsmouth
[ecrea] CFP: Nordmedia 2013 Media, Globalization and Social Change Division
[ecrea] CfP: CHI 2013 Workshop on Studying Technology in the Home
December 19, 2012
[ecrea] ANZCA 2013 conference call for papers
[ecrea] cfp: Fifty Shades of Grey: An Inquiry into ‘Dangerous Things’
[ecrea] CFP: Ludomusicology Conference 2013
[ecrea] Extrapolation - Volume 53, Number 3 / 2012
[ecrea] Nordicom book: Media Meets Climate
[ecrea] CFP: Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government 2013
December 20, 2012
[ecrea] New issue of MATRIZes
December 27, 2012
[ecrea] Call for papers: RSMC 2nd Issue, March – April 2013