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[ecrea] Early Popular Visual Culture - New Issue Now Available

Mon Dec 19 12:23:42 GMT 2011

*Early Popular Visual Culture*

*New issue Now Available*

The latest issue of Early Popular Visual Culture is now available online. This new issue contains the following articles:

Preface: Empires 2. Colonialism and Display <>
Vanessa Toulmin

The 1920s museum-sponsored expedition film: Beguiling encounters in an all-but-forgotten genre <>
Alison Griffiths

Facing the 'Other': A critical approach to the construction of identity narratives in the early photographic practice of the Ottoman Empire <>
Fulya Ertem

Visual diplomacy: Projections of power from the field in Ethiopia <>
Joshua Yumibe

'A fit of absence of mind'? Empire and urban life in early non-fiction films (1895--1914) <>
Maurizio Cinquegrani

Savagery on show: The popular visual representation of Native American peoples and their lifeways at the World's Fairs (1851--1904) and in Buffalo Bill's Wild West (1884--1904) <>
Christina Welch

Buffalo Bill and William Gladstone: The 'Champion Scalper' and the 'G.O.M' in Moonshine magazine, April--November 1887 <>
David Huxley

*Book Reviews

*Arctic spectacles: The frozen north in visual culture, 1818--1875 <>
Jeffrey Mifflin

Spectacle of deformity: Freak shows and modern British culture <>
Fiona Pettit

The comedy of Charlie Chaplin: artistry in motion <>
Stephen Bottomore

From Rajahs and Yogis to Gandhi and beyond: Images of India in
international films of the 20th century <>
Stephen Bottomore

Cinema i modernitat: les transformacions de la percepció <>
Stephen Bottomore

Re-framing representations of women: figuring, fashioning, portraiting and telling in the 'Picturing' Women Project <>
Stephen Bottomore

The law of the looking glass: cinema in Poland, 1896--1939 <>
Stephen Bottomore

Filming Pancho: How Hollywood shaped the Mexican Revolution <>
Stephen Bottomore

Carl Hagenbeck's empire of entertainments <>
Stephen Bottomore

Black: The history of a color <>
Stephen Bottomore

Editorial Board <>

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