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[eccr] Vision Book for Information Society Technologies

Fri Apr 04 12:57:56 GMT 2003

Title: Vision Book for Information Society Technologies
Vision Book for Information Society Technologies

Directorate C is starting up an ambitious project  - a  ³Vision Book², relating to Information Society Technologies. This will be a participatory book, with contributions from a diversity of authors.

The book will present a number of ³future concepts², tied together by a common thread.  These concepts would primarily reflect a future vision of the domain of our IST Directorate.  Relevant areas include: micro-, nano- and opto-electronics micro-systems and displays,
embedded and ambient systems; as well as ICTs to enhance health care, transport systems, the environment and government.  The book would consider future concepts from different perspectives: technological, human, social, from both positive and critical points of view.  

The main aim of the book is to act as an inspiration for strategic decision making in the area.  It will provide clear and understandable concepts of the future using text, images, scenarios etc, aimed at the general public, and seek feedback from them.  It is planned that it will be published in 2004 without copyright restrictions.

There will be a brainstorming
meeting in Brussels to develop content, on the 10 April 2003 with vision and concept experts, open-minded specialists and project officers.  This meeting will develop some of the groundwork for the chapters.  This will be followed by a series of one-day open meetings throughout the year. Some other provisional dates include: 13 May and 18 June.

If anyone is interested please contact Jakub Wejchert, Tel. +32-2-29 6 80 32,
E-mail: (Jakub.Wejchert /at/ or Mary Cox, E-mail: (Mary-Judith.Cox /at/

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