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[ecrea] CfP: sex and the cinema

Tue Apr 05 18:10:53 GMT 2016

*Sex and the Cinema: *

*A /Film Studies/ journal Conference – CfP*

 From the extremes of Disney canoodling at one end of the spectrum to
pornography at the other, sex has always had a central role in moving
images. This role has never been confined to representations in
individual scenes, but has taken shape in every industrial and cultural
aspect of their production, dissemination and consumption, from the
Hollywood casting couch and red-light-district alleyways, to parked cars
at drive-ins and the YouPorn user’s bedroom. So too has sex held a key
position in film scholarship, aesthetics and the cognate disciplines
that appraise moving images and their function in society. In recent
years, this presence has only grown, in the form of key individual
publications as well as burgeoning subfields (e.g., porn studies) and
objects of inquiry (e.g., grindhouse programming).

As a substantial intervention into this ongoing research, the Centre for
Film and Media Research, the Aesthetics Research Centre and the journal
/Film Studies/ will stage a major international conference at the
University of Kent in Canterbury (UK), to be held 9-11 December 2016.

Confirmed keynote speakers:

--Jennifer Lyon Bell, filmmaker

--Prof. Daniel Biltereyst, Ghent University

--Prof. Anne Eaton, University of Illinois at Chicago

--Prof. Jon Lewis, Oregon State University

This interdisciplinary conference aims to investigate the role of sex on
screen, in cinematic spaces, and among the film world’s various domains;
participants are encouraged to interpret both ‘sex’ and ‘cinema’ broadly
and creatively. The organisers seek a wide range of proposals (for
individual papers, panels or workshops) on any issue related to this
topic, including (but not limited to) historical or contemporary
examinations of:

--programming practices, DVD labels’ listmaking

--specialty distributors or exhibitors, online portals

--the role of sex at/in film festivals

--genres, cycles and production trends that pertain to or make strategic
use of sex or sexuality

--the use of sex in marketing and promotional materials

--individual films, television series and other media

--the role of sex in star/celebrity formation

--the aesthetics of sex films, from smut to erotica

--ethical issues pertaining to sex and the cinema

--production conditions and labour issues

--regulation and censorship

--policing of public spaces, zoning

--film magazines and sex, e.g., /Films and Filming/

--amateur filmmaking, home cinema

--technological developments

--sexual politics, cultural activism and community building

--sexual subcultures

--gender, sexuality, race, class

--the public and private sphere

--sex films and pedagogy

--the body in performance and reception, e.g., body doubles, porn

--embodied spectatorship

--taboos and prohibitions

Proposals of 200-500 words and a short bio should be sent by 1 May 2016
to (sexandthecinema /at/ <mailto:(sexandthecinema /at/>.
*Selected papers will be published in a special issue of the journal
/Film Studies/.*

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