Archive for calls, April 2014

April 01, 2014
[ecrea] Media and Democratisation in Contemporary Asia CFP
[ecrea] CSRC (UMinho-Portugal): Call for Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships 2014 (IF)
[ecrea] CfP: Int. Conf. on Infrastructures and Cooperation on E-Science and E-Humanities
[ecrea] CFP: Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication
[ecrea] cfp: Beyond the text form: digital culture and new epistemologies
[ecrea] CFP: Media & Politics Group Annual Conference. Theme: Media, Persuasion and Human Rights
[ecrea] cfp - Photojournalism and Citizen Journalism [special issue of Journalism Practice]
[ecrea] Call for Papers - 2014 CSAA Conference - UOW - Provocations
[ecrea] Call for Participants - 21-22/5/2014 - Critical Ways of Seeing
[ecrea] Cult Cinema and Technological Change Conference - Registration Extended
[ecrea] cfp_International Conference on Music studies,
[ecrea] Media Power and Plurality Conference - 2 May 2014
April 02, 2014
[ecrea] Digital communication impact conference
[ecrea] The Prosaic Imaginary: extension of call for papers
[ecrea] Industrial Approaches to Media: Research Methods Symposium
April 03, 2014
[ecrea] DRHA2014 [Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts] International conference
[ecrea] Call for Animated Works
[ecrea] Symposium: “Film Criticism in Arts magazine (1952-1966).” (10 June 2014, ICA, London)
April 04, 2014
[ecrea] Conference on Arab Documentaries, London, 10-11 April 2014
[ecrea] CfP Forms and Functions of Political Participation in the Digital World
[ecrea] Call for Policy & Internet Journal Special Issues
[ecrea] Call for Contributions: The MoneyLab Reader, Edited by Geert Lovink and Nathaniel Tkacz
[ecrea] Call for Papers, Final Symposium of the ADAM project (October 2-3, 2014, Paris)
April 05, 2014
[ecrea] Pensee Journal-Call for Papers
[ecrea] BBC2: Origins; Influence; Audiences: A 50th Anniversary Conference, Science Museum, London, 25-26 April 2014
[ecrea] CfP for 2014 AAA Meeting: Envisioning Rituals through Film
April 07, 2014
[ecrea] Digital Transformations, Social Media Engagement and the Asian Century conference, Brisbane, Australia, 1-3 October 2014
April 08, 2014
[ecrea] MERJ special issue call and Media Education Summit
[ecrea] symposium - Film Criticism in Arts magazine (1952-1966)
[ecrea] Workshop - Playing God: Exploring the Intersections between Science, Religion and Entertainment Media
[ecrea] CFP Ozuesque: Ozu and His Influence
[ecrea] Public relations conference in London
[ecrea] Call for papers: Revista Comunicando - Issue number 3
[ecrea] The Eye Hears, The Ear Sees Symposium, Edinburgh, Tuesday 3rd June
[ecrea] Alphaville Conference: Reminder and Announcement of Keynote Speakers
April 09, 2014
[ecrea] cfp: 25 Years After: The Challenges of Building the Post-Communist Media and Communication Industries
April 10, 2014
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Adaptations and Multiplicities
[ecrea] CfP "International Media Assistance" - Global Media Journal (GMJ-DE)
[ecrea] Journal of Media Practice: call for submissions
[ecrea] CfP on "International Media Assistance" for Global Media Journal-DE
[ecrea] CFP: Fan Studies Network 2014
[ecrea] CfP: How to integrate audiovisual material in Digital Humanities research?
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Edited Collection, "Ethics in Screenwriting"
[ecrea] IAMCR pre-conference "Building Community - Shaping Change"
[ecrea] Digital Reading Symposium Bournemouth University 19 June
[ecrea] Conference Film Diplomacy in the Digital Age (April 18)
April 11, 2014
[ecrea] Cfp "Margins and digital technologies" - Journal des Anthropologues
[ecrea] cfp: World Documentary Film & TV Conference
[ecrea] Call for Abstracts: Voice and Matter ­ Glocal Conference on Communication for Development
[ecrea] CFP: The Films of Jess Franco (Edited collection)
[ecrea] Call for papers on 'Gilles Deleuze and the Moving Images'
[ecrea] Manga Futures - CfP
[ecrea] cfp: Europe Unfinished: EU and the W/Restern Balkans in a Time of Crisis
[ecrea] Cfp: Digital Feminisms: Transnational Activism in German Protest Cultures
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Sound and (moving) images in focus
April 12, 2014
[ecrea] Call for Abstracts: Voice and Matter ­ Glocal Conference on Communication for Development
[ecrea] Call for Book Proposals - Radical Cultural Studies
[ecrea] Cosmographies CfP deadline 25 April 2014
[ecrea] new cfp - Re-imaging regional television drama: women as agents of cultural change
[ecrea] CFP - Media Piracy: the politics and practices of borrowing
April 13, 2014
[ecrea] CFA: Screening War | Diffractions - Graduate Journal for the Study of Culture
April 15, 2014
[ecrea] Call for Papers JOS 6.2 Television Writing Issue
[ecrea] CFP: "Figurations of Intermediality in Film" Conference, 24-25 Oct.2014
[ecrea] Call for Proposals - Playable City
[ecrea] Conference on freedom of expression
[ecrea] CFP: Documenting Performance - TaPRA Conference 2014
April 16, 2014
[ecrea] cfp - Institute of Communication Ethics
[ecrea] CfP "International Media Assistance" - Global Media Journal (GMJ-DE)
[ecrea] CfP: Conference "Social Media in a Changing Media Environment: Lessons from the Arab world"
[ecrea] CFP - Cultural Industry: Bridging Theory and Practice
[ecrea] cfp - the body and psychoanalysis in our time - the summer session in Iceland
[ecrea] CFP - Deviate! The Second International Alphaville: Journal of Film and Screen Media Conference, University College Cork, 4-6 September 2014
[ecrea] NODEM 2014 Conference - Call for Special Session in collaboration with DISH
April 17, 2014
[ecrea] Call for papers: Digital Disruption to Journalism and Mass Communication Theory, Brussels, 2-3 October, 2014
[ecrea] Flow Conference - Call for Responses, deadline 5/5
[ecrea] Journalism Practice Special Issue Call for Papers - Cultural Journalism and Cultural Criticism in the Media
[ecrea] Conference: Born Digital and Cultural Heritage
[ecrea] VLV Conference 1st May
[ecrea] Psychoanalysis and Cinema Symposium, Lancaster University
[ecrea] Call for papers - Colloquy: Text Theory Critique
[ecrea] Call for chapters: Mobile Communication and the Asian family
April 18, 2014
[ecrea] Radical Negativity Conference Registration is Open
[ecrea] CFP: 10th Dubrovnik Media Days_Future of journalism
[ecrea] CfA Media and Mobility
[ecrea] Technology/Politics Call for Proposals - Oct 24-25 - Centre for Theory, Culture, Politics at Trent University
April 19, 2014
[ecrea] Call to host future MeCCSA Conferences
[ecrea] CFP - Forms and Functions of Political Participation in the Digital World
April 22, 2014
[ecrea] Cfp Signs and Media
[ecrea] Conference: The Religious Violence in Syria and Social Media
[ecrea] 'TV is the New Cinema': One-day Symposium in Liverpool, 22 May 2014
[ecrea] cfp: Creative Technologies - Create and Engage Using Art and Play
[ecrea] Announcement of Workshop: data and technics
[ecrea] CFP for TFTV Postgraduate Symposium: Exploring Conceptual and Creative Practices in Theatre, Film and Television
[ecrea] CfP: “Film Festival Cartographies” Symposium
[ecrea] CFP: Seeing Others Seeing: Interpersonal Experience in Contemporary Art
April 23, 2014
[ecrea] CFP: Digital Comics
[ecrea] cfp: Media, War & Memory Conference
April 25, 2014
[ecrea] CALL FOR PAPERS: Between Urgency and Abstraction: Cultural Studies After Stuart Hall
[ecrea] "Geography, Film, and Visual Culture" symposium
[ecrea] CFP Special issue Studies in Australasian Cinema
[ecrea] CfP EUscreenXL: From Audience to User: New Ways of Engaging with Audiovisual Heritage
[ecrea] Call: Special Issue of JIME on Ideas in Mobile Learning
[ecrea] Call for Northern Lights: Books and Publishing in a Digital Age
[ecrea] Call for applications: AHRC workshop: Skills for Media Engagement
[ecrea] CFP- Making and Being Made: Visual Representations and/of Citizenship
[ecrea] Call for participation NODEM 2014 Conference in Warsaw
April 26, 2014
[ecrea] Carnivalising Pop: Music Festival Cultures symposium, Salford, June 13
[ecrea] ph.d.-course "Microethnography of Workplace Interaction"
[ecrea] CFP Documentary and the Voice
[ecrea] Health Journalism Conference Will be a Game Changer
[ecrea] 'Big Ruins' Conference – Manchester, May 14
[ecrea] CfP E-Journal JeDEM: Special Issue on Open Government Data
April 27, 2014
[ecrea] CFP: ‘Situating Simondon: media and technics’
April 29, 2014
[ecrea] CFP / "Communication and emerging cultural practices vs the neoliberal imaginary" - IC Journal
[ecrea] cfp: Redes.Com X Anniversary
[ecrea] Italian Horror Cinema: an International Film Conference, May 9-10.
[ecrea] Call for Chapters: (R)evolutionizing Political Communication through Social Media