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[ecrea] CFP -- 2009 Cultural Studies Association (US) Conference, April 16-18, 2009

Wed Jun 25 21:24:55 GMT 2008

>Seventh Annual Cultural Studies Association (U.S.)
>         Marriott (at the Plaza), Kansas City
>         April 16-18, 2009
>Expected plenary speakers include:
>         Michael Bérubé, Pennsylvania State University
>         Marc Bousquet, Santa Clara University
>         Orit Halpern, New School for Social Research
>         Michele Janette, Kansas State University
>         E. Patrick Johnson, Northwestern University
>         Karim Murji, Open University (U.K.)
>         Cary Nelson, University of Illinois
>         Amit Rai, Florida State University
>         Sangeeta Ray, University of Maryland
>         Maria Josefina Saldaña-Porillo, New York University
>         Jeff Williams, Carnegie Mellon University
>Also, the popular Journal Salon feature will continue.  Journals expected are:
>             Cultural Critique
>         Cultural Studies/ Critical Methodologies
>             Dialectical Anthropology
>             Flow
>             Genders
>             Mediations
>Deadline for Proposals: September 15, 2008.
>This conference, which uses Open Conference 
>Systems developed by the 
><>Public Knowledge 
>Project, enables participants to submit 
>abstracts online at 
>The website for submissions will open August 15, 2008.
>Call for Papers and Sessions
>The Cultural Studies Association (U.S.) invites 
>participation in its Seventh Annual Meeting from 
>all areas and on all topics of relevance to 
>Cultural Studies, including but not limited to 
>literature, history, sociology, geography, 
>anthropology, communications, popular culture, 
>cultural theory, queer studies, critical race 
>studies, feminist studies, postcolonial studies, 
>media and film studies, material culture 
>studies, performance and visual arts studies.
>All participants in the Sixth Annual meeting 
>must pay registration fees by March 16, 2009, to 
>be listed and participate in the program. See 
>the registration page of this website for details about fees.
>If you have any questions about procedures for 
>submission or other concerns, please e-mail us 
>at: (csaus /at/ We welcome proposals in the following four categories:
>Proposals for individual papers are due September 15, 2008.
>Successful papers will reach several 
>constituencies of the organization and will 
>connect analysis to social, political, economic, or ethical questions.
>They should be submitted online on the 
>conference website. Successful submission will 
>be acknowledged. If you do not receive an 
>acknowledgment within 24 hours, please resubmit. 
>The acknowledgment will say that your proposal 
>has been ''successfully submitted,'' which does 
>NOT mean your proposal has been accepted.
>All paper proposals require:
>a. The name, email address, department and 
>institutional affiliation of the author, entered on the website.
>b. A 500-word abstract for the 20-minute paper entered on the website.
>c. Any needed audio-visual equipment must be 
>noted following the abstract in that space on the site.
>Proposals for pre-constituted sessions are due September 15, 2008.
>Roundtables are sessions in which panelists 
>offer brief remarks, but the bulk of the session 
>is devoted to discussion among the panelists and 
>audience members. Workshops are similarly 
>devoted primarily to discussion, but they focus 
>on practical problems in such areas as teaching, 
>research, or activism. No paper titles may be 
>included for roundtables or workshops.
>Pre-constituted sessions should NOT be submitted 
>on the website, but should be sent to 
>(csaus /at/ with the words ''Session 
>Proposal'' in the subject line. All proposals 
>will be acknowledged, but please allow at least 
>two business days before inquiring.
>All session proposals require:
>a. The name, email address, phone number, and 
>department and institutional affiliation of the proposer.
>b. The names, email addresses, and department 
>and institutional affiliations of each participant.
>c. A 500-word overview of the session, including 
>identifying the type of session (panel, 
>roundtable, workshop) proposed. For paper 
>sessions, also include 500-word abstracts of 
>each of the papers. Paper sessions should have three or four papers.
>d. A request for any needed audio-visual 
>equipment. All AV equipment must be requested with the proposal.
>Division sessions are due September 15, 2008.
>A list of divisions is available at 
>Divisions may elect to post calls on that site 
>for papers and procedures for submission to 
>division sessions or handle the creation of 
>their two division sessions by other 
>means.  Division chairs will submit their two 
>panels/workshops/roundtables directly to the 
>program committee by September 15, 2008 
>(directions will be sent to the division 
>chairs). Proposals for divisions should NOT be 
>submitted on the website or to (csaus /at/
>Proposals for seminars are due September 15, 2008.
>Seminars are small-group (maximum 15 
>individuals) discussion sessions for which 
>participants prepare in advance of the 
>conference. In previous years, preparation has 
>involved shared readings, pre-circulated 
>''position papers'' by seminar leaders and/or 
>participants, and other forms of pre-conference 
>collaboration. We particularly invite proposals 
>for seminars designed to advance emerging lines 
>of inquiry and research/teaching initiatives 
>within Cultural Studies broadly construed. We 
>also invite seminars designed to generate future 
>collaborations among conference attendees. Once 
>a limited number of seminar topics and leaders 
>are chosen, the seminars will be announced 
>through the CSA's various public e-mail lists. 
>Participants will contact the seminar leader(s) 
>directly who will then inform the Program 
>Committee who will participate in the 
>seminar.  Seminars will be marked in the 
>conference programs as either closed to 
>non-participants or open to other conference 
>attendees as auditors (or in other 
>roles).  Examples of successful seminar 
>proposals from previous years are linked in here 
>(if you are reading this on the website).
>All seminar proposals require:
>a. A 500-word overview of the topic designed to 
>attract participants and clear instructions 
>about how the seminar will work, including 
>details about what advanced preparation will be 
>required of seminar participants.
>b. The name, email address, phone number, 
>mailing address, and departmental and 
>institutional affiliation of the leader(s) proposing the seminar.
>c. A brief bio or one page CV of the leader(s) proposing the seminar.
>d. A request for any needed audio-visual 
>equipment. All AV equipment must be requested 
>with the proposal. Since seminars typically 
>involve discussion of previously circulated 
>papers, such requests must be explained.
>Seminar proposals should be sent to:
>Bruce Burgett, Professor and Interim Director, 
>Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
>University of Washington Bothell
>(burgett /at/
>Colin Danby, Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences,
>University of Washington Bothell
><mailto:(danby /at/>(danby /at/
>Those interested in participating in (rather 
>than leading) a seminar should consult the list 
>of seminars and the instructions for signing up 
>for them, available at 
>after October 15, 2008. Deadline to sign up will 
>be November 14, 2008.  Deadline for seminar 
>leaders to submit final lists of participants 
>(minimum 8 individuals, in addition to the 
>seminar leader or leaders) will be November 21, 2008.

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