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[ecrea] Anglia Television and the History of ITV Conference

Tue May 27 11:44:49 GMT 2008

>>Call for Papers
>>Anglia Television and the History of ITV:
>>Programming, Regionalism and the Television Economy
>>A conference organised by the University of East Anglia
>>To be held at the Archive Centre, Norwich
>>14th and 15th November 2008
>>Conference Organisers: Andrew Higson, Su Holmes and Brett Mills
>>Anglia Television - now ITV Anglia - began 
>>broadcasting in the east of England in 1959, 
>>some four years after the launch of the ITV 
>>network. This conference will build on the 
>>current vibrant interest in television history, 
>>and especially the history of ITV, and will 
>>chart the story of the Anglia franchise, from 
>>1959 to the present. Key issues to be explored 
>>will include the relationship between the 
>>regional and the national in British 
>>independent television history; Anglia's 
>>programme culture - the range of genres, series 
>>and programmes produced or commissioned by 
>>Anglia over the years; and the institutional 
>>organisation of Anglia and its operation as part of the ITV network.
>>The conference arises out of an AHRC-funded 
>>project at the University of East Anglia, which 
>>brings together colleagues from the School of 
>>Film and Television Studies and the East 
>>Anglian Film Archive (EAFA). EAFA has an 
>>extensive collection of Anglia Television 
>>programmes, programme material and related 
>>documentation, which is being catalogued as 
>>part of this project. Another strand of the 
>>conference will address the issues involved in 
>>archiving a regional television collection. 
>>There will also be a series of related archival 
>>screenings, including quiz and game shows, 
>>drama, sitcoms, talk shows and regional affairs programmes.
>>Speakers to include: Cathy Johnson, Rob 
>>Turnock, Lez Cooke, Sherryl Wilson, Su Holmes and Mark Jancovich.
>>We are seeking 20-minute papers on any topics 
>>relating to Anglia Television/ITV Anglia, or to 
>>any of the themes noted above, from the history 
>>of Anglia to current programmes, from archiving 
>>issues to questions of regionalism.
>>250 word abstracts or enquiries should be 
>>submitted by 23rd June 2008 to the conference 
>>administrator Jonathan Stubbs: 
>>(j.stubbs /at/ Please include a brief biography.
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