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April 30, 2008
[ecrea] Heavy Fundamentalism - Music, metal and politics
May 02, 2008
[ecrea] Lecturer in Cultural Studies Roehampton University UK
[ecrea] Lecturer in Cultural Studies, University of Kent
[ecrea] Announcing CSAA Conference 2008
[ecrea] Screen Studies South West
May 05, 2008
[ecrea] CFP: Circulations: Economies, Currencies, Movements in American Studies
[ecrea] Launch of Open Humanities Press
[ecrea] New Issue Global Media Journal
May 06, 2008
[ecrea] Announcing the new edition of Participations
May 08, 2008
[ecrea] New Media and the Global Diaspora
May 11, 2008
[ecrea] The Political Economy of Media
[ecrea] CFP: celebrity diplomacy and north/south relations
May 12, 2008
[ecrea] Call for papers - War, Representation and Documentary Conference (Sussex)
May 14, 2008
[ecrea] Networking and Wireless Communications
May 15, 2008
[ecrea] London Summer School - Conflict-resolving Media / Key Issues in Peace and Conflict Studies
[ecrea] Music and the Melodramatic Aesthetic Conference, University of Nottingham (5-7 September 2008)
May 16, 2008
[ecrea] Feminist Media Studies
[ecrea] Special Issue of JAMMR: 'Media & Religion'
[ecrea] Call for papers: The Politics of Digital Games
[ecrea] Re-thinking the Screenplay: a conference
[ecrea] IX Film Summer School - Cinema and the world's fragile boundaries
[ecrea] World cities, their media and information networks
May 18, 2008
[ecrea] Lectureship in Television Studies
May 19, 2008
[ecrea] CFP: Stream: Culture/Politics/Technology
[ecrea] EUROPRIX Academic Network Conference 2008
[ecrea] the impact of the commercial world on children's wellbeing
[ecrea] Interactive Story Authoring Course
May 20, 2008
[ecrea] Announcement of PhD summer school
May 21, 2008
[ecrea] The Global Media Journal
[ecrea] Interface: a journal for and about social movements
May 22, 2008
[ecrea] Conference on power, abstracts deadline extended
[ecrea] Conferencies in June at Salford
May 23, 2008
[ecrea] CFP: The "Third" Golden Age of Television Fiction
[ecrea] CFP: conference on Fetishism
[ecrea] Media in Asia: A Tool for Human Rights Education and Monitoring
[ecrea] New Media and the Global Diaspora
[ecrea] The Golden Age of Television Fiction: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Television Series
[ecrea] CRIME & POPULAR CULTURE: A Multi-Disciplinary Exploration
[ecrea] Fourth Annual LUMS Social Sciences Conference - Media Growth: Global Trends, Social Impacts, Academic Concerns
May 27, 2008
[ecrea] EUROPEANISED AFTER ALL: European publics in the EU communicative space
[ecrea] Anglia Television and the History of ITV Conference
May 29, 2008
[ecrea] Posts at University of Aberystwyth
[ecrea] CFP: Music, Sound, and the Moving Image
[ecrea] vacancies - Department of Communication at the University of Massachusetts Amherst
May 31, 2008
[ecrea] 25th Anniversary of AMARC: Development and Empowerment through Community Radio