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[eccr] epsNet- Fourth Annual Plenary Conference

Tue May 31 16:22:01 GMT 2005

Dear colleague, 

The European Political Science Network (epsNet) holds its Fourth Annual Plenary Conference, 17-18 June 2005, at Sciences Po, in Paris. The Program consists of two parts. The first part raises the academic issue of  "European Identity and Political Systems" in nine Workshops. The second part deals with a set of six Plenary Sessions devoted to the topic of "Political Science in Europe and the Bologna Process".  It is to this second part of the program that I want to draw your attention in the hope that you will come to Paris for the conference.  

Leading political scientists and key political decision-makers – including an EU Commissioner – will speak on the theme of "The Bologna Process from Berlin to Bergen: Results and Prospects for Political Science". Jean-Louis Quermonne, professor emeritus, Sciences Po, Paris, has agreed to chair the Plenary Session on "Political Science in Europe – A European Political Science? The State of the Discipline". The issues involved will be elaborated by Paul Furlong (European Conference of Chairs of National Associations of Political Science), Dirk Berg-Schlosser (European Consortium of Political Research), and Hans-Dieter Klingemann (European Political Science Network), and discussed by Stein Kuhnle, University of Bergen. Topics of the remaining (semi-) Plenary Sessions are: "Professional Practice in European Political Science" (Lori Thorlaksen, University of Nottingham), "Curricula Improvement" (Richard Topf, London Metropolitan University), "Political Science Doctoral Studies and Students in Europe" (Gabriela Gregusova , Comenius University Bratislava), and "Political Science and European Integration Studies" (Wolfgang Wessels, University of Cologne).

If you are currently involved in the process of reorganizing curricula and degree systems at your own department, you will find colleagues in Paris who are in a similar situation and with whom you can exchange experience. All the Plenary Sessions mentioned above are designed to provide discussion fora which may help find solutions to your own very specific problems. The more chairs who are prepared to participate, the more comprehensive the information-base and the better the discussion. 

I know that time as well as travel funds are scarce resources. However, I write this letter hoping you will come to Paris and knowing that you will not regret spending your money to participate in the epsNet 2005 Paris Plenary Conference.  

< P>Yours sincerely,

Hans-Dieter Klingemann 

Please consult for further details of registration and the conference program      

em. Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Hans-Dieter KLINGEMANN

Directeur de Recherche Associé, Institut d’Ã?tudes Politiques de Paris

c/o FNSP/Sciences Po, Direction Scientifique, 27, rue Saint Guillaume, office 902, F-75337 Paris Cedex 07

Tel.: +33 1 45 49 59 44 / 40  Fax: +33 1 45 49 59 45

email (klingem /at/ 

epsNet Secretariat

Central European University

1051 Budapest Nador u. 9 Hungary

Secretary General : Attila Fölsz

(folsza /at/

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