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[eccr] 3rd Global Conference: Cybercultures: Exploring Critical Issues

Thu May 05 12:40:54 GMT 2005

>3rd Global Conference
>Cybercultures: Exploring Critical Issues
>Thursday 11th - Saturday 13th August 2005
>Prague, Czech Republic
>Call for Papers
>(please cross post where appropriate)
>This inter- and multi-disciplinary conference aims
>to examine, explore and critically engage with the
>issues and implications created by the growth of
>cybercultures and the continuing emergence of new
>media for human living and culture. In particular
>the conference will encourage innovative dialogues
>in wrestling with theoretical and practical
>debates which surround the cultural contexts
>within which emerging media and technological
>advances are occurring.
>Papers, presentations, workshops and reports are
>invited on any of the following themes:
>1. Cyberspace and Cyberculture
>Disciplinary and inter-disciplinary perspectives
>in cyberspace and cyberculture. Identifying key
>features and issues.
>2. Cybermedias: New Media and Technology
>Defining the characteristics and features of 'new'
>media; histories and theories of new media;
>technology as a culture; visual culture and the
>impact of entertainment; digital communications
>and ways of relating. New forms of literacy.
>3. The Virtual and Virtuality
>The rise of the internet, www, and online
>'communities'; interaction, interactivity and
>interfaces; private and public space; regulation;
>risk; issues of access and control; knowledge
>management; education; security issues. The
>influence of AI; weak and strong artificial
>intelligence, cluster intelligence and agent
>driven intelligence
>4. Cyberpunk: Writing and Film
>Art related communication of cyber worlds. Themes
>emerging and developing within cyberpunk. Fiction,
>science fiction, anime, film. Cyberpunk as a
>subculture. Cyberpunk as a medium for exploring
>the nature of persons.
>5. Digital and Interactive Arts
>Collaborative hypermedia projects; Net.Art and
>Digital Culture; New Textualities: Hyperfiction,
>6. Computers and Games
>The aesthetic and architectural aspects of
>computer games. Advergames, online games,
>narrative and games.
>7. Identities, Bodies, Cyborgs and the Human
>Robot, Androids, Cyborgs. Birth of the Cyber body
>and cyber human. Gender related issues, cross
>gender bodies and human machine bodies.
>8. Cybercultures and Politics
>The impact and influence on national and local
>politics. Cybercultures and democracy. New media
>in political contexts; new forms of citizenship;
>new media in social and economic contexts; the
>'modern' society.
>9. Cybercultures, Cybersubcultures and Communities
>Social movements and the shaping of individual and
>collective identities; the impact and implications
>of increasing globalisation. Cyberprotest, activism,
>anti-globalisation and social mobilisation. Social exclusion.
>These are indicative themes. Papers are welcome on
>these and related themes.
>Papers will be considered on any related theme.
>300 word abstracts should be submitted by Friday
>3rd June 2005. If an abstract is accepted for the
>conference, a full draft paper should be submitted
>by Friday 29th July 2005.
>300 word abstracts should be submitted to the
>Organising Chairs; abstracts may be in Word,
>WordPerfect, PDF or RTF formats.
>Dr Owen Kelly
>Arcada Polytechnic
>Email: (owen /at/
>Dr Rob Fisher
>Freeland, Oxfordshire
>United Kingdom
>Email: (rf /at/
>Stephen Morris
>Independent Scholar,
>New York, USA
>Email: (smmorris58 /at/
>The conference is part of the 'Critical Issues'
>programme of research projects. It aims to bring
>together people from different areas and interests
>to share ideas and explore various discussions
>which are innovative and exciting.
>All papers accepted for and presented at this
>conference will be published in an ISBN eBook.
>Selected papers will be developed for publication
>in a themed hard copy volume.
>For further information about the project please
>For further Information about the conference
>please visit:

Carpentier Nico (Phd)
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Vrije Universiteit Brussel - Free University of Brussels
Centre for Media Sociology (CeMeSO)
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European Consortium for Communication Research
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