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[ecrea] Special Open Access Issue of Medijske Studije: Media Democratization: Media Systems Twenty Five Years After the Revolutions of 1989

Sun Oct 18 08:17:22 GMT 2015

Special Issue of Medijske Studije: Media Democratization: Media Systems Twenty Five Years After the Revolutions of 1989


with the guest editor Dr. Lenka Waschková Císarová, from the Department of Media Studies and Journalism, Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic.

Promotion will be held at the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Zagreb, on Tuesday, October 20, 2015, at 10:15, room C (Lepusiceva 6, Zagreb, Croatia).

The idea of the Medijske Studije special issue about Media democratization was invoked by the twenty-fifth anniversary of the fall of communist regimes in Central and Eastern Europe. The second reason for this special issue production was even more important – while in the late 1980s and early 1990s much attention focused on exploring the media transition in East Central Europe, by the twenty-fifth anniversary of the revolutions of 1989 academic literature on the subject has become scarcer and more specialized, with little attention paid to the complexity of issues within the frameworks of individual nation states. But we expect that the establishment of democratic governments and the free market combined with the fact that some of the former communist countries joined the NATO and the European Union does not mean that in these countries we do not find phenomena or trends that question the extent to which media fulfil their democratic roles. This prompted us to explore the current state of research on media and democratization in the region. The collection of articles in this special issue does not by any means attempt to provide a systematic or thorough overview of recent thinking on media and democratization in the region, rather, our aim is to alert to research that is little known internationally and that has potential consequences for our understanding of the complex issues of media and democratization beyond East Central Europe. There are six articles in three sections, Changing media systems, Changing roles of journalists and Challenges of media and democratization, focused on the relationship between journalists and owners, journalists and politicians, the role of minority language media and journalists, the relationship between new media and political participation and the analysis of emerging sub-field of media and democratization. The presentation will also highlight the main findings and conclusions of the particular articles.

Media Democratization: Media Systems Twenty Five Years After the Revolutions of 1989 (str.2-2)
Lenka Waschková Císarová, Monika Metyková

Better the Devil You Don't Know: Post-Revolutionary Journalism and Media Ownership in the Czech Republic (str.6-17) Bolje da ne znate vraga: novinarstvo nakon Baršunaste revolucije i medijsko vlasništvo u Ceškoj (str.18-18)
Lenka Waschková Císarová, Monika Metyková

Journalists' Perceptions of Nomenklatura Networks and Media Ownership in Post-communist Bulgaria (str.19-33) Novinarska percepcija umreženosti nomenklature i medijskog vlasništva u postkomunistickoj Bugarskoj (str.34-34)
Lada Trifonova Price

Threats to Mutual Trust: Czech Local Politicians and Local Journalists in the Era of Professional Political Communication (str.36-49) Prijetnje medusobnom povjerenju: ceški lokalni politicari i lokalni novinari u doba profesionalne politicke komunikacije (str.50-50)
Roman Hájek, Jan Vávra, Tereza Svobodová

Minority Language Media and Journalists in the Context of Societal Integration in Estonia (str.51-65) Mediji na manjinskim jezicima i novinari u kontekstu društvene integracije u Estoniji (str.66-66)
Maria Jufereva, Epp Lauk

Participation or New Media Use First? Reconsidering the Role of New Media in Civic Practices in the Czech Republic (str.68-82) Što je na prvom mjestu – korištenje novih medija ili gradanska participacija kroz nove medije? Preispitivanje uloge novih medija u gradanskim praksama u Ceškoj (str.83-83)
Jakub Macek, Alena Macková, Johana Kotišová

Media and Democratisation: Challenges for an Emerging Sub-field (str.84-97)
Mediji i demokratizacija: izazovi s kojima se susrece potpodrucje u nastajanju (str.98-98)
Nael Jebril, Matthew Loveless, Vaclav Stetka

Pasi Väliaho, Biopolitical Screens: Image, Power and the Neoliberal Brain; Christian Fuchs, Social Media: A Critical Introduction; David Bartram, Maritsa V. Poros and Pierre Monforte, Key Concepts in Migration; Amy B. Jordan and Daniel Romer (eds), Media and the Well-Being of Children and Adolescents; Angus Phillips, Turning the Page: The Evolution of the Book; Suzanne Franks, Women and Journalism (str.100-113) Johana Kotišová, Tae-Sik Kim, Marianne Leppik, Marek Šebeš, Katerina Kirkosová, Daniela Vajbarová

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