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[ecrea] Call for Northern Lights: Books and Publishing in a Digital Age

Fri Apr 25 08:09:08 GMT 2014


Call for papers to Northern Lights: Film and Media Studies Yearbook, volume 13 - Themed Issue on:

Books and Publishing in a Digital Age

The book is one of the oldest and still most important media but the medium of the book is currently undergoing important transformations both in terms of technology, industry structure, cultural policies, and aesthetic possibilities. The proliferation of the e-book has changed the ways in which books are produced, stored, distributed and read, but other forms of new media also come to influence the book as a medium. The web and social network media allow readers to publish and share their own work, enable book readers to review and criticize literature and thereby bypassing traditional cultural gatekeepers like literary reviewers.

Global media players like Google, Amazon and Apple have introduced new forms of libraries, bookstores and business models and public libraries are undergoing significant developments transforming themselves from book archives to information service providers. Digital media open for new aesthetic possibilities of multi-modal books and allow readers to interact with the text.

Traditionally, the book as a medium has been influenced by the literary institution (defining the book as an object of art or culture) and the educational institution (defining the book as the preferred medium for learning), which in both cases have structured the ways in which books have been published, distributed and read. With the growing technological, institutional and aesthetic convergence between the media, the book is now becoming more integrated into a global and digital media culture.

In this volume of Northern Lights we will focus on the digital revolution of the book and consider how it is transforming the book as a medium in terms of technology, industry, aesthetics and culture.

Topics of article proposals may include (but are not restricted to):

* E-books: developments and influence on production, distribution and reading of digital books vis-à-vis print books * Changes in the publishing industry: new value chains and gatekeepers, the role of digital standards, acquisitions of rights, bestsellerism and big books, etc. * Convergence between books and other media: cross-media storytelling, cross-media promotion, multimodal texts and reading experiences, etc. * The role of libraries: new practices and cultural obligations for public libraries in a context of global media businesses * Readers as writers and literary reviewers: how digital media allow readers to become producers and cultural intermediaries in a new publishing circuit

Send abstracts of 3-400 words to Professor Stig Hjarvard ((stig /at/; volume editor) and Associate Professor Rasmus Helles ((rashel /at/; guest editor).

Deadline for abstract submission: May 15 2014.

Notification of authors: 30 May 2014

Final article submission: 1 October 2014.

Publication: Spring 2015.

Additional information about the journal at the website of Intellect Press:,id=143/view,page=2

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