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[ecrea] CFP - Forms and Functions of Political Participation in the Digital World

Sat Apr 19 22:09:03 GMT 2014

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE: “Forms and Functions of Political Participation in the Digital World”

Because of the Easter break, the deadline for paper / poster proposals has been extended.

** Final deadline for proposals: Friday 25th April 2014 **

University of Burgundy – Dijon – France, Thursday 6th & Friday 7th November 2014

Call for Papers

The massive arrival of ICT in the domain of politics, though use of the internet, blogs and mainstream social media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flick’r...) or dedicated specialist tools (activist management platforms or specialised social networks) has impacted governance, relationships between citizens, political figures and the media, and more generally the way people “do politics”, in many countries around the world. This conference aims to bring together academics working in different countries and different disciplinary fields, studying the impact of ICT on politics and governance at different levels. It will allow them to analyse their work in an international perspective. The conference will be organised around two main themes: “Political Communication during Election Campaigns” and “Governance and e-Citizenship”. Workshops organised on the basis of objects or research questions studied - and not by country - will bring together academics with similar centres of interest working in different national political contexts.

This call for papers is aimed at specialists in area studies, communication science, political science, sociology or linguistics, among others. They will be keen to work in an interdisciplinary perspective, and interested in issues such as:

• Politicians’ digital/cross-media communication strategies

• Political parties’ use of social media

• “Politics 2.0” campaign strategies

• Political discourse in the age of social media : soundbites and retweets

• Private lives of public figures on social networks

• The multimodal dimension of online political communication

• Interactions between politicians and the media on the social networks

• Social media and transparency in politics

• Online political debates involving politicians, citizens and activists

• E-citizenship and direct democracy

• Minority political representation through social networks

• “Technoscapes”, diasporas and politics

• “Virtual” political parties

• Social media as catalysts of political involvement

• Social networks, politics and young people

The conference follows on from the one-day conference “POLITICS - MEDIA - ICT: Use of Social Media in Politics”, which was held in Dijon in June 2012, and which constituted the beginning of this comparative project looking into usage and appropriation of ICT in national and international politics. The project “POLITICS - MEDIA – ICT” is coordinated by the “Text - Image – Language” Research Group (EA4182) at the University of Burgundy. This conference is organised in collaboration with CIMEOS (EA4177) and the Human Sciences Centre in Dijon.

Participants are invited to submit proposals for paper presentations or posters, either in English or in French. These will be double blind peer-reviewed.

Participants will receive digital versions of all papers and posters upon arrival at the conference.

Following the conference, a selection of papers will be published as book chapters.


Academics presenting papers/posters: 100 €

Other academics: 150 €

PhD students presenting papers/posters: 50 €

Other PhD students: 75 €

The conference is free of charge for members of the scientific committee and staff and students of the University of Burgundy.

Fees include midday meals on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th November, wine tasting and conference dinner on Thursday evening, coffee breaks and conference materials.

Participants are invited to register and upload abstracts and papers on the website:


25th April 2014: Extended deadline for paper proposals (400-600 words)

1st June 2014: Participants notified of acceptance

15th September 2014: Deadline for full texts

Scientific Committee:

Agnès Alexandre Collier (UB, Dijon)

Mario Anastasiadis (Univ. Bonn)

Gilles Brachotte (UB, Dijon)

Elena Cebrian Guinovart (Univ. CEU, Madrid)

Francine Charest (Univ. Laval)

Fausto Colombo (USC, Milan)

Christelle Crumière (Univ. du Havre)

François De Chantal (Univ. Paris 7)

Barbara De Cock (UCL, Louvain)

Geoff Craig (Univ. of Kent)

Jessica Einspänner (Univ. Bonn)

Alex Frame (UB, Dijon)

Laurent Gautier (UB, Dijon)

Roberto Gelado Marcos (Univ. CEU, Madrid)

Pierre-Paul Gregorio (UB, Dijon)

Pascal Lardellier (UB, Dijon)

Matt Leggett (UB, Dijon)

Fabien Liénard (Univ. du Havre)

Darren Lilleker (Univ. of Bournemouth)

Arnaud Mercier (Univ. de Metz)

Daniel Moatti (Univ de Nice Sophia Antipolis)

Will Noonan (UB, Dijon)

Nanta Novello Paglianti (UB, Dijon)

Sandrine Roginsky (UCL, Louvain)

Brigitte Sebbah (Univ. Paris Est Créteil)

Marina Villa (Uni. Catt., Milan)

Sami Zlitni (Univ. du Havre)


Alex Frame

Gilles Brachotte

Will Noonan

Myriam Segura-Pineiro

Tatiana Kondrashova

For further information or enquiries please contact: (organisateurs /at/

Conference website:

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