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[ecrea] Call for papers Political Communication

Sat Apr 28 06:43:38 GMT 2012


I send you our call for papers for the panel "Discussion and political networks of influence in the Web 2.0", Political Communication Section of Italian Political Science Association (

Proposals should be sent by e-mail* in the term of May 1, 2012* - the text in September 1- ( to Sara Bentivegna ((Sara.Bentivegna /at/ ) and Donatella Campus ((Donatella.Campus /at/ .

Please, would you be so kind to circulate the call?

Thank you very much for your cooperation

Sara Bentivegna
5.1 Discussion and political networks of influence in the Web 2.0

Chairs: Sara Bentivegna and Donatella Campus

The many conversations taking place online and helping to create that kind of buzz that proceeds in parallel with discussions hosted in traditional media are one of the most interesting phenomena related to the spread of Web 2.0 and, in particular, social media. From this recognition, the panel wants to promote a reflection across the political discussion on online networks of influence.

Contributions can cover both the characteristics of the discussion and the actors involved, whether they belong to the political elite (the so-called political insiders), the world of information or are simply citizens.

Some of the possible research questions are the following:

- What people discuss politics on the net
- How is it organized and developed the discussion
- How are the relations of influence in the new context of communication
- Possible presence of reciprocity in the exercise of influence
- Identification of opinion leaders and their characteristics
- Differentiation of the political discussion online than offline.

The proposed contributions may be placed both on the theoretical side - that is aimed at addressing the problem of definitions and concepts and methodological aspects - that of the empirical side - to illustrate targeted research on specific cases.

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