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[ecrea] New edited collection: Mobile Technology and Place (Wilken and Goggin)

Thu Apr 12 21:25:57 GMT 2012

Mobile Technology and Place (New York: Routledge, 2012), 240pp
edited by Rowan Wilken (Swinburne University of Technology) and Gerard
Goggin (University of Sydney)


An international roster of contributors comes together in this
comprehensive volume to examine the complex interactions between
mobile media technologies and issues of place. Balancing philosophical
reflection with empirical analysis, this book examines the specific
contexts in which place and mobile technologies come into focus,
intersect, and interact. Given the far-reaching impact of contemporary
mobile technology use – and given the lasting importance of the
concept and experiences of place – this book will appeal to a wide
range of scholars in media and cultural studies, sociology, and
philosophy of technology.

Table of Contents:

I: Theorising Place&  Mobiles

1. Mobilising Place: Conceptual Currents and Controversies, Rowan
Wilken&  Gerard Goggin. 2. The Place of Mobility: Technology,
Connectivity, and Individualization, Jeff Malpas. 3. Topologies of
Human-Mobile-Assemblages, Richard Ek.

II: Media, Publics and Place-Making

4. When Urban Public Places Become ‘Hybrid Ecologies’: Proximity-based
Game Encounters in Dragon Quest 9 in France and Japan, Christian
Licoppe and Yorika Inada. 5. The Urban Dynamics of Net Localities: How
Mobile and Location-Aware Technologies are Transforming Places, Eric
Gordon and Adriana de Souza e Silva. 6. The Real Estate of the Trained
Up Self: (Or is this England?), Caroline Bassett.

III: Urbanity, Rurality, and the Scene of Mobiles

7. (Putting) Mobile Technologies in their Place: A Geographical
Perspective, Chris Gibson, Susan Luckman, and Chris Brennan-Horley. 8.
Still Mobile: A Case Study on Mobility, Home and Being Away in
Shanghai, Larissa Hjorth. 9. Connection and Inspiration:
Phenomenology, Mobile Communications, Place, Iain Sutherland.

IV: Bodies, Screens, and Relations of Place

10. Going Wireless: Disengaging the Ethical Life, Edward S. Casey. 11.
Parerga of the Third Screen: Mobile Media, Place and Presence, Ingrid
Richardson and Rowan Wilken. 12. Encoding Place: The Politics of
Mobile Location Technologies, Gerard Goggin. 13. The Infosphere, the
Geosphere and the Mirror: The Geomedia-Based Normative Renegotiations
of Body and Place, Francesco Lapenta.


Ramon Lobato
Swinburne Institute for Social Research | ARC Centre of Excellence for
Creative Industries and Innovation
Room EW121, Hawthorn campus, Swinburne University of Technology
+61 3 9214 8637

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