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[ecrea] Turkish Cultural Studies Association - 2009 Symposium on "Media and Culture"

Wed Apr 30 19:37:38 GMT 2008


Turkish Cultural Studies Association (KAD: Kültür 
Arastirmalari Dernegi) 2009 Symposium on Media and Culture
Searching for Black Diamond

Symposium Organizer: Nurcay Turkoglu (PhD in 
Communications-Marmara University, Istanbul)
Venue: Zonguldak (Black Sea region, North-Western City of Turkey)
Partners: Zonguldak Karaelmas University, 
Zonguldak Karaelmas Journalists Association, 
Turkish Communication Research Association, 
Platform for Communication Faculties, Turkish Journalists Association.
Date: 2-4 July 2009
Deadline for the abstracts: October 31th 2008.

Objectives: Turkish Cultural Studies Association 
aims to bring scholars of cultural studies 
together in biennially symposiums. The theme of 
2009 symposium is Media and Culture. Media 
shapes our culture in so many different ways. 
This symposium will help understanding how media 
transforms the society and what are the ways and 
methods of researching the interrelated 
transformation between the media and culture in a 
critical manner. Zonguldak as the venue of the 
symposium is chosen on purpose of emphasizing the 
invisible versus visible. As a historical cold 
mining (named black diamond [karaelmas] in the 
region) city which has a ceasing history of cold 
miners labour movements, Zonguldak is now at the 
periphery of popular media agenda reduced to 
local football teams news at the first league, 
tail after the trends of economical, political 
and cultural globalisation. Besides being away 
from the center of mainstream media, Zonguldak 
has a strong and alternative local and regional 
media (news bulletins, newspapers, television 
broadcasting, both in the conventional type and 
also using new technologies such as internet 
media) with numerous active media professionals 
at the region. The University of Zonguldak 
Karaelmas is also a live environment at the 
region. The participants of the symposium will 
have the opportunity of exchanging research and 
ideas on different aspects of Communication 
Studies with a special reference to media and 
culture at the home of the black diamonds, 
promising deep intellectual inspirations in this 
interesting region of Black Sea.

Main Subjects: Media as a key word in this 
symposium is taken in its most broader context: 
here we consider almost all of the tools of 
social communication as media. Keeping in mind 
that the social communication is mediated by 
mass media, we include conventional press, 
journalism, audio-visual broadcasting, 
advertisements, photos, movies, documentaries, 
new media environments, city billboards, 
graffities, social networks, alternative media, 
internet, etc. to deal with, searching for the 
opportunities of equalities for the invisibles 
in mainstream media. We are expecting papers in 
the subject areas as follows although open for the further suggestions:

Social Transformations and Audience: Social 
memory, consuming culture, poverty, deprivation...
·        Public Sphere and Citizenship: 
Participation, Cultural Policy, City networks, Arts and articrafts, Politics
·        Identity: gender, labour, sports, youth, 
children; representation and discourse
·        Environment and Media literacy: education and health issues
·        Journalism: professional, global, local
·        Interrelated formats in Media: 
infotainment, documentaries, news, celebrities, etc.
·        New media technologies: internet media, e-groups, ICTs, etc.

The call for symposium will address mainly to 
Turkish spoken scholars (for the aim of the CST 
Association of Turkey is to gather scholars 
around the world who study on Turkish Culture) 
but it is also open to scholars of foreign 
languages whose research are interested in 
Turkish culture and the Communication & Cultural 
studies. Simultaneous translation will be 
available in case of participation of non-Turkish 
spoken scholars. Participants will have a 
reducing price on symposium expenses due to their 
membership of the Turkish Cultural Studies 
Association (KAD: Kültür Arastirmalari Dernegi 
<> A 
symposium book with a selection of papers 
presented at the Media & Culture-2009 will be published afterwords.

Abstracts of 100 to 200 words should be sent to 
<mailto:(sempozyum /at/>(sempozyum /at/ 
with five keywords of the research and a brief CV 
of the participants until October 31th 2008.

On behalf of the Organizing Commitee:

Gönül Pultar ((gpultar /at/
Nurçay Türko lu ((nurcay.turkoglu /at/

Nico Carpentier (Phd)
Vrije Universiteit Brussel - Free University of Brussels
Centre for Studies on Media and Culture (CeMeSO)
Pleinlaan 2 - B-1050 Brussels - Belgium
T: ++ 32 (0)2-629.18.56
F: ++ 32 (0)2-629.36.84
Office: 5B.401a
Katholieke Universiteit Brussel - Catholic University of Brussels
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Facultés Universitaires Saint-Louis
Boulevard du Jardin Botanique 43  - B-1000 Brussel - Belgium
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