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[ecrea] Looking for Lukács - symposium at the Univers i ty of East London

Fri Apr 25 13:16:57 GMT 2008

>Looking For Lukács
>A symposium in the School of Social
>Science, Media and Cultural Studies
>University of East London
>June 25th 2008 1:00pm - 5:00pm
>Room EB.G.11
>In an era when the hegemony of capitalism within
>Western culture appears to be almost unchallengeable,
>can we afford to ignore one of the greatest critics of
>capitalismâ¬"s fundamental cultural processes? A range
>of recent and current work to be presented here has
>taken up the challenge of Györky Lukács, arguably
>the father of â¬ÜWestern Marxismâ¬".
>Speakers and Titles
>Andrew Hemingway
>Totality vs. Reification: The Significance of Romantic
>Anti-Capitalism in History and Class Consciousness
>  Andrew Hemingway is Professor in History of Art at
>University College London. His publications include Artists
>on the Left: American Artists and the Communist
>Movement, 1926-1956/ (2002) and the edited volume
>Marxism and the History of Art: From William Morris to
>the New Left (2006).
>Tim Hall
>Materialism and Metaphysics: Lukács & Adorno
>Tim Hall is senior lecturer in International Politics at the
>University of East London where he teaches courses on the
>history of political thought and contemporary political
>philosophy. He is the co-author of Theories of the Modern
>State: theories & ideologies (Edinburgh University Press,
>2007) with Erika Cudworth and John McGovern and has
>written various articles and reviews on Critical Social
>Theory. He is currently working on a book on Adorno and
>Hegelian Marxism.
>Timothy Bewes
>How to Escape from Literature: Lukács, Cinema, and
>The Theory of the Novel
>Timothy Bewes is Associate Professor at Brown University.
>He is the author of Cynicism and Postmodernity (1997) and
>Reification, or the Anxiety of Late Capitalism (2002), both
>published by Verso, and is currently working on a book
>called The Event of Shame: Literature after Colonialism.
>Andy Fisher
>Allan Sekula's 'Novelistic Fantasy': Lukács, Aesthetic
>Totality and the Literary Problematisation of
>Photographic Form.
>Andy Fisher is an artist and Lecturer in Visual Cultures at
>Goldsmiths College. Most recent publication, 'Beyond
>Barthes: Rethinking the Phenomenology of Photography',
>Radical Philosophy, No. 148, March / April, 2008. Co-
>editor of 'Photography and Literature in the Twentieth
>Century', eds. David Cunningham, Andrew Fisher and Sas
>Mays, Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2005.
>Stewart Martin
>The art of capital in Lukács
>Stewart Martin is a member of the editorial collective, and
>reviews editor, of Radical Philosophy, and teaches
>philosophy and art at Middlesex University.
>Attendance is free and open to all. To register email Jeremy
><mailto:(J.Gilbert /at/>(J.Gilbert /at/<mailto:(J.Gilbert /at/>uk
>For transport info see

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